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How To Increase iPhone SMS Typing Speed & Accuracy

I personally don't own an iPhone, but I am sharing this handy tip for iPhone users regarding SMS typing in iPhone. I always had a perception that touch pad mobiles have a disadvantage of typing, esp when it comes to sending SMS. It's never easy to send SMS form a touch pad phone; iPhone comparatively shows a larger keypad for typing than other touch pad phones, so it's bit easy to type in iPhone.

I found this tip on internet, most people type on the iPhone by looking at the letters that they are typing, not at what they are actually writing, so they find typing bit difficult.

Now, the trick is that, Instead of looking at the letters when you are typing, try to look at the space in iPhone where you are typing (exactly like you do on your computer). This method drastically improves both typing speed and accuracy. You should definitely give it a try; it sounds more difficult than it actually is, your hands just know where the keys are though, and it takes no time to adjust!

iPhone SMS Typing Speed

If you’re trying to type a word that your iPhone does not know, simply type an extra letter on the end of the word and then delete it. So if I was trying to the type the word Apple and I knew my iPhone would not recognize it, I would type “Applez” then delete the “z” off the end of it and then can just press space bar without the phone trying to auto-correct me.

Try this and share your comments/any more tips! :)

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    Kevin Edwards12 years, 5 months ago

    Just to nitpick and give you a hard time: in your screenshot, if you look at where the arrow points, you won’t see anything when you type. You’d need to look at the To field.

    It’s a good tip though, especially the one about adding another character at the end of a suggested word and then deleting it.