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Verizon Releases Technical Specs of Devices For Its Upcoming LTE

Most of us are already aware that Verison is amongst first few telecom companies in LTE trial race, along with aggressively working on development of LTE network, Version is also working on technical specifications of devices that will be running on its forthcoming network.

Verizon Wireless recently released an initial set of technical specifications for devices that will run on its forthcoming LTE network. The move is meant to “encourage developers to design devices that can take advantage of 4G network speeds and capabilities,” according to the company. Verizon Wireless will host a Web conference on May 13 to discuss the latest on LTE specifications.

Verizon in February announced aggressive plans to roll out two LTE test markets in 2009 and 25 to 30 additional markets by the end of 2010. Verizon said it hopes to have a nationwide deployment by 2015.

Tony Lewis, vice president of open development at Verizon Wireless, stressed innovation in hardware development as key to success of an open network, he also coated that “Hardware is the starting point, and Verizon Wireless is encouraging developers to get excited about designing innovative products and services the future requires,”.

Version launched an open development program to encourage certification of devices on its current 3G network and upcoming 4G network, since then 36 devices on its current 3G network has been certified.

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