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Update Twitter Status From Command Prompt

You might have used many desktop clients which allows you to update your twitter status from your desktop, but have you ever tried to update your status via Command Prompt ?. TwitterConsole is a free open-source tool with which you can update your twitter status via Command Prompt in seconds.

The trick is useful according to two aspects.

  1. If you want to create a desktop client for tweeting, you can use this library at the back-end.
  2. Its a speedy way to tweet.

Simple follow the steps:

  1. Download TwitterConsole from here.
  2. Place TwitterConsole.EXE any where on your hard-drive and set your user path to the parent directory of this file.
  3. Once done, use this syntax
  4. C:\>TwitterConsole -u “username” -p “password” -m “Your Twitter Status Here”

-u USERNAME is your Twitter username
-p PASSWORD is your Twitter password
-m MESSAGE updates your Twitter status to MESSAGE

Twitter Command Prompt

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