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Twitter Traffic Stats Go Sky-High, Worldwide Visitors Rise Up to 10 Million!

Twitter is splendidly popular in social networking these days; people have really started utilizing the simple and efficient concept of staying connected with each other provided by Twitter. Interesting thing about Twitter is its wide range of age group usage and wide variety of users; initially Twitter was being used in US only, but over last 10 months its usage has spectacularly increased in every continent.

comScore has reported that Over the past several months traffic of Twitter has exploded. Worldwide visitors to Twitter approached 10 million in February, up an impressive 700+% vs. year ago. The past two months alone have seen worldwide visitors climb more than 5 million visitors. U.S. traffic growth has been just as dramatic, with Twitter reaching 4 million visitors in February, up more than 1,000% from a year ago.

Twitter Stats Go Sky High

Let’s see how high Twitter's traffic climbs in coming few months, but certainly Twitter is gaining high momentum in social networking arena!

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