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Samsung Introduces Its First WiMAX Mobile Internet Device – MONDI

After Nokia's WiMAX edition mobile phone - N810, this is second major announcement about a WiMAX mobile device from a top rated telecom manufacturer, I would mention that Mondi’s looks are pretty much similar to Nokia’s N810, but the difference between their performance could only be judged once used. Samsung Telecommunication announced its first WiMAX enabled mobile device (MONDI) at International Association for Wireless Telecommunication (CTIA) at 31st Mar, 2009.

Samsung Wimax Modi

Mondi comes with an elegant and sleek black casing with a slider keyboard, 4.3 inch touch screen and an optical mouse, it runs on Windows Mobile Operating System – 6.1, also its major amenities include Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth 2.0, 3.0 MP camera, camcorder and 4GB of internal memory.

There was no clue about the price from the officials, but interested user would be able to buy it form top stores in second quarter.

Samsungs senior vice president of product and strategy said “The Mondi provides the power of a laptop but easily fits in the hand or a pocket”, Omer Khan said Samsung supports WiMAX networks globally and felt the need to build a WiMax product even though the capabilities of Clear in the U.S. are still in an early stage. He said "We do believe its important to support WiMAX to take advantage of 4G speeds", Khan also said "Everything starts at a nascent stage, and the Mondi is our first device to support that".

To conclude, I would say that it’s a good sign for WiMAX technology that telecom giants have started developing these mobile WiMAX devices. WiMAX technology is still in its grooming days, but such positive happening would certainly strengthen WiMAX from both technology and consumer service point of view.

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