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Personal Heli – World’s Smallest Helicopter

Yes for all those who have got dream to fly but were not lucky enough until now, here is a good news for them. Japanese engineers have developed a small heli that you can use as your personal vehicle. The Gen H-4 can be your personal small heli that can take you to your office @ 90km/h.

Worlds Smallest Helicopter 1


This co-axial heli has got 125cc engine and it can lift your ass upto half mile above the ground, approx 1000 meters.  It weighs merely 155 pounds and it have got enough room to accommodate one person along with his small bag.

Worlds Smallest Helicopter 2

Well imagine if you are late to a scheduled football match, the only thing that can help you is Gen H-4 that will not only take you to your destination in time but will also give you a bird-eye view of complete match :D. Yeah it seems very funny to see someone flying above you but at the same time its exciting too. As far as its price is concerned, it worth approx $32,500 (¥3,780,000). Yeah for those who can afford this jet-pack, its the pleasure of heaven. Here is a small demo video

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