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Motorola Wins Four Awards At CTIA Wireless 2009

Motorola, Inc has captured two first-place & one third-place awards in the prestigious 4th Annual 2009 CTIA Emerging Technology(E-Tech) competition as well as LAPTOP Magazine’s Best of CTIA Wireless 2009 Award for Accessories. MOTO W233 Renew, CDMA 9100 Series KeepMeConnected Femtocell, and (LTE) Self Organizing Network took honors in the E-Tech competition, while MOTOROKR S305 was honored with LAPTOP’s Best of CTIA Wireless 2009 Award for Accessories.

Motorola LogoThe CTIA Emerging Technology Awards program is designed to give industry recognition and exposure to the best wireless products and services in the areas of mobile consumer electronics and applications; enterprise and vertical market technology; 4G and network infrastructure; and environmentally friendly hardware and services. The LAPTOP award recognizes groundbreaking products announced at CTIA Wireless 2009 that are that enhance the end user's mobile experience through innovative design and functionality.

Motorola won in the following categories:
CTIA Wireless 2009 E-Tech: Network Infrastructure - In-Building/Local Area Network Solution
First place: Motorola CDMA 9100 Series KeepMeConnected Femtocell

The KeepMeConnected Femtocells - CDMA 9100 Series features an integrated touch-screen digital picture frame with a built-in femtocell. This is the second award for this innovative product. It was selected as an honoree of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) Innovations 2009 Design and Engineering Awards.

The CDMA Femtocell 9100 Series includes a session-initiated protocol (SIP) / voice-over Internet protocol (VoIP) soft phone and provides enhanced mobile phone coverage inside the home. A first of its kind, the CDMA 9100 Series allows users to deploy a femtocell - a small, low-cost, wireless access point – connected through a broadband connection for optimal wireless performance and coverage. The device also serves as a touch-screen digital picture frame, fitting aesthetically into a home environment.

CTIA Wireless 2009 E-Tech: Green - Consumer Hardware
First place: MOTO W233 Renew

MOTO™ W233 Renew is the world’s first mobile phone made using plastics comprised of recycled water bottles. The environmentally responsible Renew offers the first certified Carbonfree® alternative to conventional mobile phones. MOTO W233 Renew delivers the expected quality of a Motorola device at an affordable price, while empowering consumers reduce their carbon footprint.

CTIA Wireless 2009 E-Tech: 4G - Service Management
Third place: Motorola LTE Self Organizing Networks (SON) solution

A typical LTE network has thousands of base stations spread across different markets. Motorola's advanced SON is well suited for such a complex network. The Motorola LTE SON solution reduces an operator’s cost of operations by automatically extending, changing, configuring and optimizing the networks’ topology, coverage, capacity, cell size, and channel allocation based on changes in location, traffic pattern, interference and the situation/environment.

LAPTOP Best of CTIA Wireless 2009 Award: Accessory
MOTOROKR S305 Wireless Stereo Headphones

Wireless music rocks on MOTOROKR S305 headphones, with dynamic speakers delivering strong bass and a rich, full-range listening experience. The S305 is comfortable and lightweight, making it easy to wear all day without feeling weighted down. Controlling music and phone calls is a breeze with one-touch controls that keep consumers connected to the music and family and friends.

In other Motorola LTE news at CTIA, Motorola introduced its eNodeB and deployed a live 700MHz LTE demonstration network in Las Vegas to show the how the next generation of wireless broadband technology can deliver true personal media experiences. During the Motorola LTE drive tour visitors experienced the real-life performance of LTE in an urban environment including site-to-site hand-over and a number of demanding applications running over LTE.

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    Marie7 years, 2 months ago

    Somehow I’m not surprised, and our steoris seem to be somewhat common. I just recently switched to T-Mobile and picked up the latest HTC One S. I love it. I’m actually no longer unlimited , but for a 10GB plan with the works, I’m honestly paying less for the same features and more. Not to mention the coverage in my area is great! Also, best customer service I’ve ever experienced.For me, I made the switch for numerous reasons I already stated, but mainly because for the next two years, until LTE realistically covers more than some select cities, I’ll have a very fast & reliable network with no hassle on a very fast and capable new phone. And when my contract is up in 2 years, I’ll start looking around again.Lastly, I find it laughable that Sprint decided to launch their latest version of the HTC One series and call it the new EVO 4G LTE. In reality, you’re paying a whole lot of money for a nicely spec’d phone to run in 3G mode until that magical day appears and your select city just might have the touted 4G LTE service available. Maybe, hopefully. Why bother? That’s ridiculous. And to top it off, Sprint only cares about their paying customers when they leave, for feedback! SMH