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Motorola Launches First LTE Product At CTIA Wireless 2009

This week Motorola Inc. launched its latest Long Term Evaluation(LTE) product, the EnodeB Wireless Broadband Radio (WBR 500r) at CTIA Wireless, 2009. The WBR 500r is Motorola’s latest advancement in bringing to market a very agile zero footprint LTE solution that addresses the full scope of wireless carriers’ deployment needs to provide an advanced LTE RAN solution that meets size, and deployment cost criteria.

Motorola LET WBR500Motorola’s LTE Base Station will support multiple duplex division technologies including Frequency Division Duplex (FDD) and Time Division Duplex (TDD), product will also operate in a wide range of Frequency Bands (700MHZ – 2.6GHZ), with bandwidths from 1.4 MHz to 20MHz. The eNodeB features enhanced coverage and capacity for improved performance, superior power efficiency for reduced energy consumption and lower total cost of ownership, and advanced self organizing network (SON) implementation that help operators build and operate their LTE networks at a lower cost.

We all know that Motorola is one of top contributors in WiMAX technology, but the focus is not only on WiMAX market, Motorola is also very actively involved in LTE trials and is committed to research and development of both TDD and FDD LTE solutions with lab facilities in China, North America; as both WIMAX and LTE share a lot of similarities from technology point of view. Darren McQueen, vice president, wireless broadband networks, Motorola Home & Networks Mobility said “We remain on track for the first commercial release of our LTE solutions for 700Mhz and 2.6GHz – including the WBR 500r – later this year.”

Motorola’s WBR 500 series LTE solution include evolved packet core (EPC), high-speed backhaul, network and device management solutions, and a complete portfolio of professional services. Motorola’s flexible LTE Radio Access Network (RAN) portfolio features various combinations of frame-based radios and remote radio units with a tower top option that can support a wide variety of LTE deployment scenarios across existing and new virgin spectrum.

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