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Google Translator Fun [Google Busted]

Google translator is widely used through out the web for translating many languages. But be careful, google translator is never 100% accurate. Before i will explain you the reason, just go through these steps:

  1. Open Google Translator
  2. Select translation from English to Spanish
  3. Now type this in text-box
  4. Monica's mother is very beautiful
  5. Press translate button.
  6. You will see the following output in Spanish
  7. La madre de Mónica es muy hermosa
  8. Now copy the translated text back in the same text-box
  9. Translate back from Spanish to English
  10. Hit translate and check out the result.

The reason behind it was explained by a spanish girl name sevillana.

The translation is absolutely correct. "La mama" without the accent over the "a" means breast which comes from the verb "mamar" which means "to suck" or "breast feed". We could have used "la madre" for mother, which is a much more common word in Spanish and it would have translated perfectly. Accents in spanish are very important since they can completely change the meaning a word as it has in this case.

Check out this video [View in fullscreen mode]

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