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Apple App Downloads Reach 1 Billion

Just checked Apple website displaying a banner about Apple Application downloads reaching 1 Billion! The Apple App Store yesterday announced its one billionth application download and 35,000 available applications in nine months of business.

Previously in January, Apple announced 500 million downloads and 15,000 available applications, so it’s a remarkable progress apple has made in small period.

Apple Appliction Downloads

Soon after Apple announced strong second-quarter earnings, the1 billionth download was achieved only hours. Apple’s Senior Vice President and CFO, Peter Oppenheimer, stressed the uniqueness of the iPhone and iPod touch devices when combined with the App Store. He said

We believe the App Store is a key strategic differentiator of the iPhone and iPod touch experience and is more evidence of what we have always said, that software is a key ingredient for a great mobile experience.

Acting CEO Tim Cook said that

I think it just unleashes a whole new level of innovation that keeps Apple years ahead of everyone else.

Apple is about to announce nee OS for iPhone, it will certainly be equipped with more innovative and powerful iPhpne applications, and application downloads at Apple Store will surely climb the peak.

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