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A Color Changing Car, Like A Chameleon – BMW Chameleon

We usually see on television that there are amazing animal species who can change their colors incredibly, almost those species Chameleon is amazing one! but have you heard a car behaving like a Chameleon? :) Yea! it's possible now, science, technology and every thing in our nature are inter-connected, their strings are always connected with each other.

BMW Chameleon

BMW MINI car division brought this wonderful color changing idea from nature to cars, BMW has introduced a car which can change its color with weather, the car is called BMW-MINI Chameleon, as it change colors like Chameleon, but the variety of colors is much less then a Chameleon :)

BMW used a color-morphing technology was made possible due to a special treatment called FeintPaint by Spanish company Payola Forlids.

The color of the car brightens up when the sun in down and lightens up when there is sun, so to reflect the sun-rays and keep the car cool. Cars has tiny magnetic iron oxide particles which can interact with a low grade magnetic field to change the spacing of the particles, and hence its ability to reflect light and change color.

If car manufacturers further dig this inspiring idea/technology, who knows we might see a car in future which can change its color with a single press of a button and you can take your car on road with new looks every day! :)

How Chameleons change their Color?

You might be interested in knowing that how a Chameleons changes their colors, following is a brief explanation of how this magic happens:


Chameleons basically change their color because of a very complex cell system. Beneath it's transparent skin are several cell layers which contain pigments. We also have pigments which cause our skin to darken in the sun. By opening and closing cells called melanophores, chameleons change their skin color. The cells direct sun to specific pigments which reflects the light back in different colors.

Chromatophores change because they get a message from the brain. The message tells the cells to enlarge or to shrink. These actions cause cell pigments to mix—just like paint.

Check this video and see the amazing ability of a Chameleon :)

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    SREERAJ VENATTU12 years, 6 months ago

    what is the name of the technology of colour changing cars

      Wolverine11 years, 4 months ago

      This BMW uses a color-morphing technology which was made possible due to a special treatment called FeintPaint by Spanish company Payola Forlids.