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Motorola Launches WiMAX in Jordan

Motorola and Mada Communications announced commencement of commercial WiMAX services in Jordan on March 25th. Motorola’s 802.16e WiMAX network will enable Mada Communication to provide high speed broadband services including data and voice services to customers.

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Motorola deployed WiMAX network for Mada Communication in six months time frame, Motorola supplied equipment from its renowned WiMAX portfolio including (WAP400 and WAP800) and Customer Premises Equipments including indoor CPEi750, CPEi775 and outdoor CPEo400, also a USB plug-in deice USBw100(also known as USB dongle).

Motorola and Mada Communication management is confident that the launch of WiMAX in Jordan will certainly improve/encourage data usage in Jordan and will serve the customers in both urban and rural environments. Mada Communications has initially launched WiMAX services in three cities(Amman, Irbid and Zaraq), while Mada Communications will continue to expand its WiMAX network across the country.

Motorola is already a world leader in providing WIMAX products/services, the launch of WiMAX network in Jordan will further strengthen Motorola’s position in WiMAX world.

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