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Best Illusion to Test Your Brain

This is one of the coolest illusion i have ever seen. The illusion is about a girl rotating on its axis. Can you tell in which direction she is rotating? Well the tricky part lies in the same question. Some people say that she is rotating in clockwise direction while the other say counter-clock wise, but in reality there is the third possibility also, according to a research some of the people are able to rotate the girl in any direction they want i-e clock and counter-clock wise direction through their brain.

Spinning Girl

According to the research, people who are able to rotate the girl in both directions by controlling their mind have IQ level more than 160. Our mind basically have two hemispheres, the left one and the right one. When you try move the girl in opposite direction, you are actually shifting the brain pulses from left hemisphere to right hemisphere.

Spinning Girl Illusion

For those who may not be able to observe her rotatation in both directions, just try to concentrate on her legs.

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    hardinger11 years ago

    holy crap!!

    Luiz Felipe11 years, 2 months ago

    Realmente fantástico!