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Can’t Activate iOS 5 Wi-Fi Sync (Wireless Syncing) on iPhone 4

A friend of mine has managed to restore my iPhone 4 into iOS 5 beta 2. Aesthetically, it seems like there’s nothing new on this new version not firmware. But I am not so sure about its added features. Anyway, my friend told me that I can enable wireless syncing between my iPhone and my iTunes. I don’t know what the problem is. I have the latest version of iTunes installed and have a high-speed Internet connection. I tried all possible solution but still no result. Can you guys please help me? Thanks.

Asked by: Michael from The Netherlands

Hello Michael, to enable Wi-Fi Sync (don’t be confused with Wi-Fi Sync App) or wireless syncing between iTunes and your iPhone, you will need to install the beta version of iTunes 10.5 on your Mac OS X machine (Wi-Fi Sync works only on Mac soon will be implemented on Windows-based machine too). However, this version of iTunes is not available for download to the public. Meaning, you will only be able to download and install iTunes 10.5 beta into your computer if you are currently enrolled at Apple’s Developer Center.

Once you’ve got iTunes 10.5 beta installed on you your Mac, just simply connect your iOS device into your Mac via USB cable for initial syncing. Then launch iTunes and under the Summary tab of your iOS device and enable the option: “Sync over Wi-Fi connection” then proceed to sync your device via USB. Once iTunes 10.5 beta already registered and recognized your iOS device, you can now untether your iOS device into your Mac. That’s it, you can now sync iTunes and your device wirelessly, tries dropping some files into your device and Sync. If you did it correctly, you should be able to wirelessly sync your iPhone through Wi-Fi.

As for the other features of the iOS 5, you can check this post to know more about the added features and improvement into the iOS 5 firmware. Also, if you are a fan of jailbreaking, you can jailbreak iOS 5 beta on your iPhone 4 using Redsn0w 0.9.8b1, and you can download stock iOS 5 beta 2 using from here.

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