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Unlock iPhone 4S - Use iPhone 4S with Any Carrier

The iPhone 4S is the latest generation model in iPhone. As with all iPhone models the iPhone 4S is locked to a particular carrier unless it is a factory-unlocked model. With an iPhone 4S unlock tool you will be able to break Apple's control and use your iPhone 4S with any network carrier you want.

You can unlock iPhone 4S using tools such as Ultrasn0w, Easyra1n and more. Chronic Dev Team and jailbreak community is working hard to release even more ways to unlock and jailbreak the iPhone 4S running on the new iOS 5 firmware.

Unlocking iPhone 4S gives users great control over their iDevice and this is why many people are looking for unlock solution. This also allows for cheaper rates and it removes the monopoly of AT&T. If you are looking to unlock iPhone 4S, be sure to read all the great posts below and more on our blog.

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Unlock iPhone 4S (GSM) on iOS 6 Using New GEVEY Ultra S

Gevey Ultra S for iOS 6

When it comes to unlocking the iPhone so it can be used for just about any other carrier, you can either do it by installing Ultrasn0w, or by using an interposer SIM such as ApplenBerry's Gevey. With the release of iOS 6, unlockers are left with no choice but to...

Unlock iOS 5.1.1 on iPhone 4S (GSM) Using GEVEY Ultra S

After recent firmware update, it is normal for jailbreakers and unlockers to wonder if they should upgrade to the latest firmware or wait till the Dev-Teams gives green light to be able to unlock iOS 5.1.1 on iPhone 4S. Of course, iDevice users who don’t have the intention to jailbreak...

Unlock iPhone 4S Baseband 2.0.10 on iOS 5.1 Using GEVEY Ultra S

With the release of GEVEY Ultra S, there is a lot of interesting news from the camp of GEVEY these days. Yesterday, we informed you about the new GEVEY Ultra 5.1 to unlock the iPhone 4, and now the GEVEY Ultra S sees the daylight: The plug-and-play method to unlock...

Gevey Ultra S: Unlock iPhone 4S on iOS 5.0 / 5.0.1 with Basebands 1.0.11, 1.0.13 & 1.0.14 [VIDEO]

Gevey Ultra S Applenberry

The iPhone 4S is definitely of the hottest gadgets around and it is simply the most successful iPhone yet. The only problem, there is currently no solution to unlock iPhone 4S which is not a good thing for those who are relying on an unlock solution in order to use...

TPSIM By ChinaSnow: Unlock iPhone 4S With Basebands 1.0.11, 1.0.13 & 1.0.14 [VIDEO]

TPSIM Unlock iPhone 4S

By now, you should know that the iPhone 4S has been successfully jailbroken, thank to Chronic Dev Team's Absinthe untethered jailbreak tool. But unfortunately, with regards to an unlock solution, there is still no software or hardware that is able to unlock the iPhone 4S. So one cannot use Ultrasn0w...

Unlock iPhone 4S Without Using Hardware / Software or Jailbreak [How-to Guide]

iPhone unlocked US

If you are one of the folks that rushed out to buy Apple's latest smartphone offering, the iPhone 4S, then chances are you will be locked on to the carrier of your choice with a contract. Sure you can buy a factory-unlocked, contract free iPhone 4S if you are in...