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Cydia was created by Jay Freeman aka Saurik and it is a third party independent installer for your iPhone. It is very much like Apples App Store except for the fact that it is for jailbroken idevices. Cydia has thousands of great free applications and is a giant repository collection where users will find apps from various communities.

When you install Cydia on your jailbroken iPhone you get access to even more great apps. Cydia collects all the repositories from the community sites and provides users with a huge list of applications, tweaks and customizations that can only run on jailbroken devices. In 2009 Cydia introduced a simple unified payment system that allows software developers to sell packages and users can pay via PayPal or Amazon Payments. In September 2009 Cydia gave users the option to downgrade or upgrade their devices to versions of iOS. Cydia caches the SHSS blobs used by Apple and this allows users to downgrade their device to a prior version of iOS.

Cydia was first released in February 2008 and as of April 2011, Cydia has $10 million in annual revenue and 4.5 million weekly users.

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