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Top 10 Best iPhone Themes for iOS 9

Installing Cydia tweaks and apps is just half the fun of you jailbreaking your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. The other half is customizing the look and feel of your iOS device. Theming has always been one of the major reasons why people jailbreak their device. With that said, here are 15 of the best iPhone themes for iOS 9 that we’ve picked out for you.


Ayeris Winterboard Theme
The Ayeris theme has been quite a fan favorite for quite some time. If you’re a fan, then you’ll be glad to know that Ayeris has just been updated for iOS 9 jailbreak. It’s a fairly subtle but definitely a beautiful theme that goes well with the native iOS aesthetics. Upon looking it up, Ayeris is only compatible with Winterboard, not Anemone. [via BigBoss for $3.99]


Flatish iPhone Theme
As if the name isn’t a dead giveaway, Flatish comes with a beautiful flat design. However, the true standout of the theme is the detailed custom icons with the great use of drop shadows. [via ZodTTD & MacCiti for FREE]

Ace El Cap

Ace El Cap iPhone Theme
Fans of rounded icons will have a lot to love with the Ace El Cap. It actually feels like the OS X El Capitan with its design elements. Ace El Cap is one of the better rounded icon jailbreak themes for sure. [via ZodTTD & MacCiti for $1.99]

0bscure 7

0bscure 7 iPhone Theme
0bscure 7 is also one of the favorites by the jailbreak community and it’s not hard to see why. There’s just something classy about its black and white design. It’s been recently updated and the author keeps adding new icons every now and then. [via ModMyi for $0.99]

Axla 3

Axla 3 iPhone Theme
Axla 3 has also been recently updated to support iOS 9. So if you have loved the previous versions of the theme, you can grab it now from Cydia. It’s a very bright, colorful theme with very detailed icons. You just can’t go wrong with this theme. [via ZodTTD & MacCiti for $2.99]


Aupi iPhone Theme for iOS 9
There’s nothing outlandish about Aupi which makes it a great theme for those who want something subtle. But what makes this theme a real must-have is the detail on the custom icons. It’s really a smooth theme overall [via ZodTTD & MacCiti for $1.99]


Looka iPhone Theme
Looka is an excellent theme where you can customize the certain elements of the UI. For instance, you can change the shape of the icons from rounded to hexagons. Looka is a very polished and gorgeous theme. [via ZodTTD & MacCiti for $0.99]

Maddie 2.0

Maddie 2.0 iPhone Theme
Maddie 2.0 is yet another theme that has been updated for iOS 9. We love this one because it changes the look and feel of iOS. The custom icons are rich with details and they simply look amazing. You will need both IconBundles and Iconomatic if you’re using Winterboard. If using Anemone, you won’t need to install anything else. [via ModMyi for $3.00]

Ambre iOS 9

Ambre iOS 9 iPhone Theme
Now, here’s a fun theme with over 600+ custom icons, 5 docks, 3 badges and 7 folders. The playful, cartoonish look is perfect for a lighthearted look and feel. Works for both Winterboard and Anemone. [via ZodTTD & MacCiti for $3.49]


Rupi iPhone Theme
Rupi is a slick and minimalistic theme that just gives out a flat and very clean look. Clean, simple and elegant – what more can you ask for? [via ZodTTD & MacCiti for $2.99]

So what’s do you think are the best iPhone themes for iOS 9? Share them in the comments!

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