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How to Troubleshoot an iPhone With No Sound During Calls

While it can now do a myriad of things, your iPhone is still primarily a phone which its primary purpose is to receive and make calls. However, even a high-end smartphone like iPhone is not without its hitches. Although it’s rare, there is an issue that no sound on the receiver or speaker is coming out on the iPhone during calls. This issue was even reported by some iPhone 6 / 6 Plus owners. Fortunately, troubleshooting sound problems during calls on iPhone is quite easy.

How to Fix an iPhone With No Sound During Calls:

Test the volume

iPhone 6 Volume Button
Press the volume buttons on your iPhone to test the volume. Some people do overlook to see if their volume is high enough to hear anything during calls. So check if your iPhone’s volume is within audible levels before making or receiving calls.

Clean headset pin and jack

Clean iPhone 6 Headset Jack
Using a clean lint-free cloth, clean the headset pin of the iPhone as well as the headset jack. It’s possible that it’s been clogged by something and if that’s the case, remove it. If the object can’t be removed easily, make sure you take it to an Apple Store for service.

Clean the iPhone receiver

iPhone Receiver
The iPhone receiver is unfortunately very easily exposed to dirt and dust. Cleaning is a good way to troubleshoot an iPhone with no sound during calls. Keep the receiver clean and clear by using a small pointed thing that’s not made of metal (like a toothpick) to dig out the dust and dirt or you can also use a soft bristled brush.

Check the mute button

iPhone 6 Mute Button
Check to see if the mute button has been enabled on the iPhone. If you can see an orange strip next to the button, then the mute button is enabled. Turn on ringtone notifications by switching off the mute button. Then adjust the volume to audible levels.

Reboot your iPhone

iPhone 6 Reboot
If you are experiencing any sort of bugs / glitches / errors on your iPhone, one of the best troubleshooting steps is to reboot your iPhone. And this “no sound” issue is no exception. Switch off your iPhone and turn it on back again.

Erase all content and settings

iOS 8 Erase All Content & Settings
Do this only as a last resort because it can be quite a hassle. Reset your iPhone by navigating to Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings. Make sure that you backup your iPhone via iTunes before resetting.

And that’s about it! Hopefully, this fixes your issue with your iPhone with no sound during calls. If you have any other solutions, share them in the comments!

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