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How to Disable Flash in Google Chrome

Flash has been around for as long as people can remember and it sure brought a lot of great things as far as the internet is concerned. However over the years, there have been complaints that Flash turned into a bloated mess that comes with numerous security and performance issues. Even the late Steve Jobs has been vocal about his dislike for the software which is why it wasn’t implemented on any iDevice. People have been urging Adobe to just downright kill Flash. So today, we’ll be teaching you how to disable Flash in Google Chrome.

How to Disable Flash in Google Chrome
Adobe Flash, with its popularity comes pre-installed with Google Chrome. However, you can choose to disable Flash in Chrome or have the option of running the software only when it’s required.

How to Disable Flash in Google Chrome:

  1. Point your browser to chrome://settings
  2. Under Settings, scroll down and click Show Advanced Settings.
  3. Step 2 Disable Flash in Chrome

  4. Under Privacy, click Content Settings.
  5. Step 3 Disable Flash in Chrome

  6. Under Content Settings, scroll down a bit and under Plugins click ‘Let me choose when to run plugin content.’ Click Done.
  7. Step 4 Disable Flash in Chrome

  8. At this point, Flash will no longer activate automatically but instead you can choose to run it or not. Whenever you want to view a Flash item, right-click on it and click ‘Run this plugin’.
  9. Step 5 Disable Flash in Chrome

  10. If you wish to completely disable Flash, go to Content Settings > Plugins > then click Manage individual plugins. Then on the plugins page, find Adobe Flash Player and click Disable.
  11. Step 6 Disable Flash in Chrome
    Step 6 Disable Flash in Chrome_0

Many prominent tech companies are now calling for the demise of Flash. However, its popularity can’t be denied especially when there are still millions of websites relying on it. With this guide (if you didn’t disable it completely), you will still be able to run Flash when required instead of auto-playing and hogging precious resources.

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