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The 12 Best Tower Defense Games for iPhone & iPad

One of my favorite genres of games is tower defense. My first exposure to it I believe is through flash-based games like Desktop Tower Defense and Bloons over at Kongregate. With the surge of iPhone and iPad gaming, tower defense games have found a new home. Today, we will list some of the best tower defense games for iPhone and iPad. This list is strictly going to be about the classic tower defense games not city / base ones like the popular Clash of Clans.

Kingdom Rush (+ Frontiers & Origins)

Kingdom Rush and its sequels are for me, the gold standard for tower defense games on the iOS. Charming aesthetics, humorous characters, perfect level of difficulty and it’s just a blast to play. The hero characters add a dimension of strategy into the mix. On Frontiers and Origins, there are endless wave levels for hardcore players. If there’s one complaint, it’s just that some heroes are overpriced.
Kingdom Rush Frontiers Best Tower Defense Games iOS
Buy Kingdom Rush [$0.99] | Kingdom Rush Frontiers [$2.99] | Kingdom Rush Frontiers [$0.99]

Plants VS Zombies

Pop Cap’s Plants VS Zombies popularized the lane-based defense game and for good reason. Can you find a game that’s oozing more charm than this? Under its quirky demeanor, a solid defense game is buried with plenty of extras to unlock. Later levels can challenge even the most hardcore tower defense players. I really didn’t like what they did with the sequel as it seems to be very grind-heavy.
Plants VS Zombies Best Tower Defense Games iOS
Buy Plants VS Zombies [$0.99]

iBomber Defense Pacific

iBomber Defense Pacific changes things up because your towers can also take damage from incoming waves of enemies. Tower placements are also limited so you will need to consider which towers to put up at a certain strategic point. Combine all these gameplay elements with frantic enemy waves and you’ve got yourself a very challenging tower defense game.
iBomber Defense Pacific Best Tower Defense Games iOS
Buy iBomber Defense Pacific [$2.99]


geoDefense is hardly a new tower defense game but not including it on this list would be a huge disservice. This is simply a classic as far as tower defense goes. There is something really captivating with blowing up colorful vector shapes. Try not to have seizures.
geoDefense Best Tower Defense Games iOS
Buy geoDefense [$1.99]

Fieldrunners 2

Fieldrunners 2 is a great looking tower defense game that will keep you occupied with its sheer number of levels. The game also excels in terms of level designs although it could use some variety with its tower types. It has IAPs but they’re not required to enjoy Fieldrunners 2. This series is long due a sequel though.
Fieldrunners 2 Best Tower Defense Games iOS
Buy Fieldrunners 2 [$2.99]

Bloons TD 5

Bloons is yet another classic tower defense game that dates back to the Kongregate days. Bloons TD 5 is so far the definitive version of the series with varied towers / monkeys, tons of levels and enemy varieties. Bloons TD 5 is regularly updated so it’s kept fun, fresh and challenging.
Bloons TD 5 Best Tower Defense Games iOS
Buy Bloons TD 5 [$2.99]

Royal Revolt 2

Royal Revolt 2 combines base building, tower defense, RPG and base attacks. There is a good variety of troops, towers and magic attacks. Graphics isn’t the best but the art style has its own brand of charm. Although it’s a free-to-play title, it never feels like a grind and forces you to buy in-app purchases.
Royal Revolt 2 Best Tower Defense Games iOS
Buy Royal Revolt 2 [Free]


Despite the generic title, Defenders offers plenty to like for fans of the tower defense genre plus a collecting gameplay element. One thing you’ll notice right away is that this game looks good; sharp graphics, plenty of colors and neat special effects. With that said, it requires a hefty hardware and storage space as well. It’s again free-to-play and has in-app purchases.
Defenders Best Tower Defense Games iOS
Buy Defenders [Free]

Pirate Legends TD

Might as well call this the “Pirate” version of Kingdom Rush because the similarities are obvious, however, that’s selling it short. It has its own unique and whimsical art style. Although it is free-to-play and has IAPs, buying them isn’t a requirement to enjoy and beat the game.
Pirate Legends TD Best Tower Defense Games iOS
Buy Pirate Legends TD [Free]

Crystal Siege

Crystal Siege successfully blends tower defense, RPG elements and an action-oriented gameplay. The magic upgrade system is fantastic and tower variety is sufficient which add up to a great deal of strategization. Strategies can be catered to your own individual experience instead of a one-size-fits-all approach.
Crystal Siege Best Tower Defense Games iOS
Buy Crystal Siege [$2.99]

Have any other tower defense games in mind that should be included in this list? Share it in the comments!

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