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Alympus Tweak – Introduces a New Way to Use The App Switcher, Music & Control Center

A few days ago, we brought to you a sneak preview of a promising jailbreak tweak called Alympus. We described the tweak as something that will reimagine the iOS App Switcher. However, it seems that the final product offers so much more features. Today, Alympus has been released in Cydia and any jailbreak users should definitely give it a look.

Alympus Jailbreak Tweak
Developed by iKyle and Surenix, the tweak comes with the tagline: “Alympus is a new home for your apps, music and toggles.” Here’s a breakdown of what this awesome Cydia tweak can do.

App Switcher

As we have seen on the preview Vine video, Alympus introduces a new way to use the App Switcher. With the tweak installed, you can now access the switcher by swiping up from the bottom of the screen or simply double-tapping the Home button. The app cards are can now be zoomed in or out which means that you can have 1 card to 9 cards to work with which should make app switching more efficient.
Alympus App Switcher

Music Player

Swiping to the left will bring up the Music Player app and giving you quick access to the playback controls. Double-tapping the album art will take you directly to the Music app. Triple-tapping the album art will allow you to switch between dark and light themes of the Music Player.
Alympus Music


Alympus also introduces a Toggle Screen in place of the Control Center. From here, you can access some of the most commonly used toggles like AirPlane mode, Bluetooth, Flashlight, Wi-Fi, Calculator, LTE, Do not Disturb and many others. From the interface, you can also see your most recent contacts and at the bottom, a brightness slider. Unfortunately, although you can rearrange the toggles, you can’t customize them like CCSettings.
Alympus Toggles

Gesture Control

Alympus features a neat gesture controls that will enable you to conveniently get to your Music or toggles without needing to stop at the App Switcher. This gesture control is called ‘Continuous Swipe’. You can swipe up from the bottom of the screen (App Switcher) then swipe from the right side (Music or toggles), all without lifting your finger. You can also use gestures to access the default Control Center and to terminate apps.

Alympus is now available in Cydia via BigBoss for $3.99. This is definitely worth it for the App Switcher feature alone however it’s good that it has other functionalities as well. Hopefully in future updates, the developers will add the ability to customize toggles and app shortcuts.

What do you think of Alympus?

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