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5 Awesome New Features of Siri in iOS 9

With the introduction of iOS 9, Apple is bound roll out new features and improvements to its well established mobile operating system. One of the biggest aspects of the iOS 9 reveal was the improved functionalities of Apple’s personal voice assistant for iPad and iPhone, Siri. Just how is Apple planning to improve Siri in iOS 9?

Siri in iOS 9
This post will focus on the old voice-controlled personal assistant, not the new functionality called Proactive which learns your daily habits.

Quickly Find Photos According to Location or Date

Want to find a set of photos that was taken during your last summer vacation? You can manually browse using the Photos app or you can simply ask Siri to retrieve those photos in accordance to a specific date or location. You can ask Siri something like "Show photos from [location]" and you will be taken to the Photos app instantly. This is especially useful if you have a plethora of photos since it can save you time.
Find Photos With Siri

Create Contextual Reminders in Safari, Notes & Mail

Siri in iOS 9 can now setup contextual reminders which depend on which app you are using. For example, you are reading an article in Safari but you can’t finish it and want to save the article and read it at a later time. You can use Siri and ask "Remind me about this" and the article will be now in your Reminders. In addition, you may also ask Siri to remind you at a specific time or location.
Siri Reminders iOS 9

Use Siri for Transit Directions

As you might know already, Apple Maps has been improved in iOS 9 with the addition of transit directions. And of course, you can also use Siri to know which bus route to take. Keep in mind though that transit directions are only available through select major cities although Apple has said that they are working to add more locations.
Siri Transit Directions iOS 9

Native Math Equations & Unit Conversions

In iOS 9, Siri can now perform mathematical equations and unit conversions natively. Instead of pulling out extra information like in iOS 8, answers are now displayed natively via a small results panel. This will not only provide better results but it’s a lot faster as well.
Siri Calculations iOS 9

Find Friends and Family

iOS 9 now has a Find Friends functionality and it is integrated well with Siri. Now, you can easily track your friends and family by simply asking Siri, "Where is ______?" Siri will then show the map with a marker of that person’s location. Tap on the marker and you will be brought to the Find Friends app where you can contact the person and even notify yourself when he or she goes to a certain location.
Siri Find Friends iOS 9
It’s quite obvious that Apple is very committed to realizing Siri’s full potential. With these cool new features, it’s safe to say that Apple is getting there. What do you think of these new Siri features in iOS 9? [via WonderHowTo]

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