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iPhone Keeps Restarting? Try These Fixes Before You Lose Your Mind

I think we can all agree that the iPhone is a fantastic piece of hardware – a masterpiece of design and functionality. However, we can also agree that it’s not without its problems. In today’s “just iPhone problems”, we will be tackling the solutions to the dreaded “iPhone keeps restarting” issue. If your iPhone keeps restarting but still eligible for replacement, then stop reading this guide and get that thing replaced at the Apple Store. Otherwise, you can try the fixes that we have provided below.

How to Fix “iPhone Keeps Restarting” Problem

Turn On / Off Cellular

Disable Mobile Data iOS 8
This is the simplest fix that you can if your iPhone keeps restarting. Disabling and enabling cellular data doesn’t seem to make sense but it’s actually a legit fix, as per Apple forums. To perform this fix, navigate to Settings > Cellular / Mobile > Turn On / Off Mobile Data. For good measure, you may also remove your SIM card and re-insert.

Hard Reset

Hard Reset iPhone
A quick hard reset might just be the solution to iPhone’s constant reboot loop. To perform a hard reset, simultaneously hold down the Power button and the Home button until the iPhone shuts down and restarts again.

Reset iPhone Settings

Reset All Settings iOS 8
Performing a factory reset might just do the trick to fix your restarting iPhone woes. To do this, open the Settings app > General > Reset > Reset All Settings. For good measure, you might want to manually restart your iPhone.

Delete Problem Apps

Delete Unwanted Apps iOS 8
If you have experienced this issue after installing one app or more, chances are high that you happened to install a faulty app. A problematic app can cause your iPhone to freeze or cause a boot loop. Regardless if it’s a super popular app or an obscure one, you are better off deleting the app and see if it fixes the restarting issue. Delete the app, restart your iPhone and sync with iTunes.

Restore from an old backup

Restore Backup iPhone iOS 8
If somehow the problem keeps persisting, you can opt to restore from an old backup. If you are lucky, you might be able to restore to a backup that fixes the problem. Connect your iPhone via USB, run iTunes, then use the Restore Backup function.

Enter & Exit Recovery Mode

Reiboot Tool
You can try putting your iPhone in Recovery Mode then promptly exiting and see if it solves the problem. You can use tools like RecBoot or ReiBoot (Windows | Mac) to easily enter and exit Recovery Mode on your iPhone. Connect your iPhone to the computer, run RecBoot or ReiBoot, click the Enter Recovery Mode button, then after a while, click the Exit Recovery Mode button.

Restore the iPhone

Restore the iPhone 6 Plus
If all of the above solutions don’t work, then it’s time for the ‘nuclear’ option: restoring the iPhone. Sure, it’s a tedious task but starting a fresh iOS has a great chance of fixing this issue. Before you restore, ensure that you have taken a backup of your iPhone.

Nothing worked? If your iPhone keeps restarting despite performing the steps above, then you might need to take your device to Apple after all.

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