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Security Flaw Lets Thieves Completely Reset The Apple Watch With Ease [VIDEO]

It’s been three weeks since Apple has made the Apple Watch available to eager customers. One of the main concerns regarding Apple’s new wearable tech is security. Apparently, it didn’t take that long for people to discover a serious Apple Watch security flaw that will enable thieves to easily reset the stolen watch.

Apple Watch Security Flaw
To beef up the security in iOS, Apple introduced the Activation Lock which is a feature included with iPhones way back since iOS 7. In what seems to be a case of major oversight, Apple has neglected to include the Activation Lock feature in the Apple Watch. Because of this, thieves who can get their hands on the gadget can easily reset it without a hitch. Watch the video below to see how this exploit works:

Basically, the thieves will only perform a basic hard reset on a stolen Apple Watch simply by doing a long-press on the side button of the device. Once the power menu appears, the thief will use Force Touch on the display until a new prompt appears that will let you "Erase all content and settings." As you might have guessed, this wipes the watch clean.

Thankfully, this Apple Watch security flaw can only be exploited when the watch is connected to a power source. Therefore, thieves or some serious prankers will not be able to do this easily while on the go. However, this doesn’t change the fact that people who are up to no good can wipe out a stolen Apple Watch with little to no resistance.

Hopefully, Apple will take note and address this security flaw in an upcoming firmware update. [via iDownloadBlog]

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