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Best Apple Watch Apps: Ten Apps That Are Actually Useful

As of this writing, there are now over 3,500 Apple Watch apps already available which is kind of impressive considering that it’s only been for sale in the US for a week. Many of these apps have the basic functions of tracking your activity and replicating the alerts that you are already getting on your iPhone. Today, we will list some of the Apple Watch apps that are useful and takes advantage of the device’s proximity to your body and not just crowd the tiny screen with unneeded information.

Top 10 Best Apple Watch Apps


Shazam Best Apple Watch Apps
Shazam is the massively popular iPhone app which is the authority in identifying music (and even TV shows) while on the go. Shazam for Apple Watch simply makes sense as you can identify music tracks, complete with song title, artist and lyrics, in just a matter of seconds. You are even given the option to buy the track on iTunes using the Handoff feature. (iTunes – Free)


Runkeeper Best Apple Watch Apps
If you have bought an Apple Watch for fitness, then Runkeeper is pretty much a no-brainer. The Apple Watch version of the app can be started without taking out your iPhone. Just launch the app and tap the “Go Running” button and off you go. I’d dare say the app even works better on the Apple Watch. (iTunes – Free)


1Password Best Apple Watch Apps
Having one single password for all your accounts is one disastrous way to ensure that you’ll get hacked one day. This is why password management apps like 1Password are essential. Now, you can manage all your passwords right at your Apple Watch. (iTunes – Free)


Pennies Best Apple Watch Apps
There are way too many apps that allow you to stay on top of your finances. But if you want a financing app that doesn’t bombard you with excessive information, then Pennies is for you. Now, you can stay on top of your daily budget using your Apple Watch. (iTunes – $2.99)


Clear Best Apple Watch Apps
Navigating your to-do lists on the Apple Watch sounds like a nightmare but Clear for Apple Watch actually works well. You can’t make new lists on the watch (which makes sense) but you can easily view those that you’ve already made on the iPhone. Creating new tasks is as easy as dictating it on your watch, pretty neat! (iTunes – $4.99)


Calculator+ Best Apple Watch Apps
The Apple Watch is widely considered a fairly nerdy gadget which is why the non-inclusion of a calculator leaves many people baffled. Well, you can remedy that by installing Calculator+ on your Apple Watch. It’s the best calculator app and it fully supports the Apple Watch. (iTunes – Free)

Dark Sky

Dark Sky Best Apple Watch Apps
The Apple Watch is obviously a great device for getting information at a glance. And what better way to take advantage of this than by telling the weather for the day? Now, you can get weather details without opening an app on your iPhone. (iTunes – $3.99)

Sports Scores & Alerts

Sports Scores & Alerts Best Apple Watch Apps
With Sports Scores & Alerts for Apple Watch, you can get live scores for some of the major sports leagues like MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL and more. Getting live scores is another functionality that just makes sense on your shiny new Apple Watch. (iTunes – Free)

Day One

Day One Best Apple Watch Apps
Enthusiasts of journal-writing should be well familiar with Day One. We have never imagined that you can write a journal on a watch but here we are. Day One for Apple Watch lets you do check-ins, voice dictation, customizable quick entries, view last photo taken, and view last entries. (iTunes – $4.99)


Overcast Best Apple Watch Apps
Now, here’s something for hardcore podcast listeners. Overcast is powerful but streamlined podcast app that lets you download podcasts so you can play them offline. And now, Overcast is working great on the Apple Watch. (iTunes – Free)

These are the best Apple Watch apps that you can get for your new gadget now. Other apps that you think should’ve made the list? Comment away.

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