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Tips on How to Use The iPhone 6 Plus One-Handed

The iPhone 6 Plus, with its 5.5-inch display, is quite a beast on its own when compared to its smaller siblings with their 3.5-inch o 4-inch screens. But with the boons that come with bigger screen, there are a couple of tradeoffs as well. One such drawback is that most users are forced to use both of their hands in order to conveniently operate the iPhone 6 Plus. But with the following tips below, you will be able to easily use the iPhone 6 Plus one-handed.

How to Use The iPhone 6 Plus One-Handed

Tip #1: Use Reachability Feature

It’s good that Apple had the foresight to include an option that will make it easier for people to use the iPhone 6 / iPhone 6 Plus with one hand. That particular option is called Reachability. With Reachability enabled, double tapping (not double pressing / clicking) the Home button will cause the top part of the screen to slide down so you can reach the UI elements without needing to use both hands.
How to Enable Reachability on iPhone 6

Tip #2: Home Screen Optimization

This is a simple tip that doesn’t require any settings and you’ll just need to spend a little time re-arranging your home screen icons. Optimize the position of your home icons in such a way that your most-frequently used apps are situated on the lower-half of the screen. Of course, you will need to consider whether you are left or right handed.
iPhone 6 Plus Optimized Home Screen

Tip #3: Use Folders

On top of organizing your home screen icons, you should also make good use of folders. You can place many of your most frequently used apps inside a folder and position it at the lower half of the screen. Make sure that the folders are easily accessible with your thumbs.

Tip #4: Use Jailbreak Tweaks

If you have been jailbroken, then you can install some Reachability tweaks that will help you conveniently use the iPhone 6 Plus one-handed. One of the best Reachability tweaks that you can install is ForceReach which enables you to use the Reachability function even when in landscape mode. ReachApp is another tweak worth getting since it introduces a new multitasking method via the Reachability feature.
ForceReach Jailbreak tweak

Tip #5: Use QuickType

When texting, it is highly recommended that you make use of QuickType, Apple’s new predictive typing feature introduced in iOS 8. With QuickType enabled, you will be given three recommendations based on the words and phrases you are typing. QuickType is of course very useful if you are trying to send a text message with one-hand. Not to mention that it can also greatly speed up your typing.
QuickType Feature iOS 8
With these tips, you will be able to easily use the iPhone 6 Plus one-handed. Bear in mind that you can also apply these tips to the iPhone 6. Let us know in the comments if you have questions or suggestions.

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