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How to Transfer Data From Old iPhone to iPhone 6 / 6 Plus

With the holidays being over, it’s safe to say that many of you have gotten your hands to a brand-spanking new iPhone 6 or 6 Plus. With your new iPhone, one of the first things that you should do is to transfer data from old iPhone to iPhone 6 or 6 Plus. So how do you go about this and make sure that every important data is transferred? Here are a couple of solutions to transfer data to iPhone 6 or 6 Plus.

How to Transfer Data From Old iPhone to iPhone 6 or 6 Plus

Solution #1: Transfer data from old iPhone to iPhone 6 / 6 Plus via iCloud

If you have an iCloud account setup on your old iPhone, then this is by far the easiest method since this won’t require a computer. If you haven’t setup iCloud on your old device or you don’t have access to a reliable internet connection, then proceed to solution #2.

  • Backup your old device manually using iCloud. You can do this by navigating to Settings > iCloud > scroll to the bottom and tap Storage & Backup > Back Up Now.
  • iCloud Backup Now

  • Turn off the old iPhone to prevent potential backup conflicts.
  • Turn on your new iPhone 6 / 6 Plus, and you will be walked through the easy setup, then tap Restore from iCloud Backup.
  • iTunes Restore from iCloud Backup

  • Your new iPhone will now restore data from your old device and this can take quite a while depending on factors like the backup size, file size and connection speed.
  • Once finished, the new iPhone should now have your old data and it’s ready to use.

Solution #2: Transfer data from old iPhone to iPhone 6 / 6 Plus via iTunes

NOTE: Make sure that you have the latest version of iTunes installed before proceeding.

  • Backup your old iPhone in iTunes (Connect iPhone to PC / Mac via USB > launch iTunes > right-click on the iPhone from the sidebar > click Back Up).
  • Once the backup process is finished, disconnect the old iPhone from your computer.
  • Now, boot your iPhone 6 / 6 Plus and at the Set Up iPhone screen, tap Restore from iTunes Backup, tap Next, then connect the device to the computer via USB.
  • Restore from iTunes Backup

  • In iTunes, choose the backup which you have made earlier from the restore menu in iTunes, click Continue.
  • Once the restore process is finished, your new iPhone will restart and your old data will now be on the newly setup iPhone.

Solution #3: Transfer data from old iPhone to iPhone 6 / 6 Plus via 3rd-party applications

Using various 3rd-party applications, you can directly transfer old iPhone data to your new iPhone. We will be featuring two of the most common software that you can use.

3rd-party software #1: SynciOS

SynciOS is a tool available for both Windows and Mac, and it’s really easy to use.

    Transfer data from old iPhone to iPhone 6 with SynciOS

  • Run SynciOS
  • Select Photo to Phone Transfer
  • Connect both your old and new iPhones
  • Select the contents that you wish to copy
  • Click Start Copy

3rd-party software #2: AnyTrans

AnyTrans is another software that will help you transfer old iPhone data to iPhone 6 or 6 Plus. Both Windows and Mac are supported. To use this software:

    AnyTrans Software

  • Launch AnyTrans
  • Click Content to Device
  • Select all the categories that you want to transfer
  • Click Start

Of course, these methods do not only for iPhone but for iPad and iPod touch as well. Do you have other ways to transfer data from one iDevice to another? Let us know in the comment section.

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