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Got a Slow-Charging iPad? Here Are Some Tips on How to Charge the iPad Faster

Let’s face it: battery life isn’t what it used to be back in the days of dumbphones when it could last more than a day even with constant use. In this day and age of smartphones and tablets, battery life is diminished so fast that we find ourselves charging more often. However, if your device can’t charge fast enough, then it becomes a problem. If you have a slow-charging iPad, then here are some fixes that could help charge the iPad faster.

How to Charge the iPad Faster
There is no one-stop solution to charge the iPad faster but we can offer ways to lessen your charging times.

Make sure you are using official Apple connectors / cables

Plugged in iPad
Prior to iOS 7, users can use third-party cables for charging and syncing their device with no issues. However, that has changed with iOS 7. Now whenever you utilize a third-party / unofficial cable in connecting your iPad, you will see an error that the cable is not supported (although there’s a Cydia tweak that bypasses the error message). Even with the error message, you can still sync or charge your iPad but it will be significantly slower. Ditch the third-party / fake cable and go official to charge your iPad faster; it's also safer in the long run.

Turn off the iPad

Turn Off iPad While Charging
Turning off the device while charging is surely the fastest way to fully charge your iPad. Because the iPad is not using any power, it only makes sense that it will charge to 100% faster. However, if turning off your iPad is not an option, then you can always…

Enable Airplane Mode

iPad Airplane Mode
Enabling Airplane mode will prevent the iPad from searching for cellular and WiFi signals which basically translates to lesser power consumption. With iOS 8, you can easily enable / disable Airplane Mode through the Control Center.

Use Wall Chargers

Apple Wall Charger
A wall charger is a surefire way to charge the iPad faster. Many folks are contented with charging their iDevice via a computer / notebook using USB that they don’t realize that wall charging is a lot better overall in terms of speed. In case you have no other choice but to charge your iPad through a computer, make sure that you remove the other USB-connected devices for faster charging.

Observe proper battery maintenance

iOS 8 Battery Charging
To maximize the iPad’s battery performance (includes charging times), you need to observe proper battery maintenance. Here are some general performance tips:

  • Updating to the latest software version
  • Keep the iPad from extreme temperatures
  • Remove highly restrictive cases while charging
  • Go through at least one charge cycle per month (charge the iPad to 100% and fully running it down until it shuts down)

Leave the iPad alone

Charging iPad Plugged In
Many people tend to have a problem when it comes to giving their gadgets a break, even when charging. Make sure to give your iPad a break. Refrain from checking your iPad every now and then to check your social media accounts. Also, stop watching movies, listening to music and playing games while charging.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, the solutions to charge the iPad faster only require a bit of common sense. Develop these proper charging habits and you will not only reduce your charging times but also prolong the longevity of your iPad. If you have more tips, feel free to share them in the comments.

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