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Could This Be The Case for the Rumored ‘iPad Pro?’

Whenever there is a major Apple (or any major brand actually) product release down the line, you can expect tons of rumors, leaks and speculations to pop up. For many years now, the iPad Pro” is device that the rumor mill loves to churn out. A French site claims to have gotten their hands on what is allegedly a third-party case for the long-rumored iPad Pro.

iPad Pro Concept
French site has shared an image of what appears to be a case for the iPad, a really large iPad. According to the website, the image came from a supposedly long-time reliable source. Only one image has been shared and it’s not placed together with an object for size reference. Based on the image alone, it certainly is big enough to fit a tablet of 12 to 13 inches.
iPad Pro Case
Another interesting aspect of the case are the speaker cutouts found at the top and bottom. This could give some credence to the rumor that the iPad Pro will include stereo speakers. You can also find cutouts for the headphone jack, camera, Lightning, power button and the volume buttons on the side. So far, it looks like the design will be similar to the iPad Air and iPad mini. There is one unknown cutout on the left side of the case which is speculated to be the SIM tray, suggesting that this is a cellular model.

If there is something we have learned about case makers over the years, many manufacturers create products even for unreleased devices, just so they can cover all their bases. Since many of these manufacturers base their specifications on rumors and leaks, this is hardly a solid evidence that an iPad Pro release is in the near future.

The iPad Pro, as named by the media, is rumored to have a 12.2 to 12.9 inch screen, an A8X or A9 chip, a design similar to the iPad mini and iPad Air, a thin form factor and high resolution screen. Some sources even say that this could be the first iPad that will include a stylus.

Are you looking forward for an iPad Pro? [via MacRumors]

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