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How to Use Unofficial Lightning Cable Without Errors

With Apple’s popularity in the world of tech, it’s not surprising that many accessory makers have chosen to capitalize in such popularity. Take a gander at your local accessory stores and you will most likely see unlicensed / unofficial accessories for various Apple devices. Some of the most common Apple accessories in the market these days are charging cables, specifically the Lightning cable.

How to Use Unofficial Lightning Cable Without Errors
People who have bought an unofficial Lightning cable will likely run into an error once they start using it to charge their iPhone or iPad. The “This cable or accessory is not certified and may not work reliably with this iPhone” error might show itself and the charging process will be halted. If you are jailbroken, there is actually a tweak that will allow you unofficial Lightning accessories.

Disclaimer: Jaxov does not endorse or recommend the use of unofficial accessories for your iPhone and iPad as it could irreversible damage to your device. Unofficial chargers have been known to burn iPhones. This tweak is not recommended for fully charging your iDevice but it could prove useful for provide a quick fix for that quick file transfer or a tiny charge.

The Cydia tweak that I have been talking about is called Support Unsupported Accessories 8. What this tweak does is that it completely removes the annoying popup message that your cable or accessory is not supported, and best of all, it will not stop the accessory from functioning. This neat tweak is basically an “install and forget” solution so you do not need to configure anything. Simply download the tweak from Cydia and install.
Unofficial Lightning Cable
This tweak doesn’t just come in handy for unofficial accessories because even with a certified cable, you can still potentially encounter the error. The Support Unsupported Accessories 8 tweak prevents all related error messages once and for all.

Again, this is just a stop-gap measure so you can use unofficial Lightning cable without errors. There’s a reason why Apple accessories are a bit pricey: because they are high quality in terms of performance and safety. But if you can’t help it and need a quick fix, this tweak should be more than enough.

Support Unsupported Accessories 8 is available in Cydia for FREE under the BigBoss source. It has been tested to work in iOS 8 up to iOS 8.1.1. So what do you think of this jailbreak tweak?

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