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Auxo 2: Best App Switcher Tweak is Soon Coming to iOS 8

Since iOS 7, Apple has introduced a better app switching solution when compared to the old cumbersome app switcher. But the card-like app switcher didn’t first originate with iOS 7 but rather from a popular tweak called Auxo. There is no doubt that Auxo is one of the most well-liked jailbreak tweaks of all time. If you are a fan of Auxo, then you’ll be pleased to know that Auxo 2 is coming to iOS 8.

Auxo 2 for iOS 8
Auxo 2 is not just a simple iOS 7 port of the original version. To accommodate the changes of iOS 7, developer A3tweaks has re-imagined Auxo for iOS 7. The developer also managed to add new features and improvements like multi-center, Quick Switcher, hot corners and the functionality of being able to close all apps at once. Here are some of the noteworthy features of Auxo 2 and how they work:

  • Quick Switcher – it is essentially a new way to switch between apps using touch gestures, only it’s a lot faster and more intuitive.
  • Multi-center – this feature has integrated the app switcher with the Control Center. This makes it easier for the user to access media controls, system toggles, brightness controls and quick launch shortcuts.
  • Hot corners – users can customize the corners of the screen so when they are swiped, the tweak will perform certain actions.

To know more about Auxo 2, we recommend that you watch the video below:

So far, A3tweaks hasn’t mentioned any release date yet; all we know that Auxo 2 for iOS 8 is coming soon. We can probably expect it later this month which makes for a good Christmas present for the fans of the tweak. Auxo 2 for iOS 8 will probably be a free upgrade for existing users.

Are you looking forward to the release of Auxo 2 for iOS 8?

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