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How to Prevent Messages App From Auto-Deleting Messages on iOS 8

Despite lacking in any significant cosmetic update, iOS 8 has introduced plenty of functional changes aiming to improve the overall user experience. One such change is that the Messages app can now automatically delete messages, audios, and videos. The feature is not enabled by default but there are baffled users reporting that their messages are disappearing from the Messages app. Well, here’s a quick tutorial so prevent your iPhone from auto-deleting your messages.

iOS 8 Messages App

Steps on how to prevent Messages app from auto-deleting messages:

  1. Launch the Settings app
  2. Scroll a little bit down and tap Messages
  3. Find the label Message History, and tap Keep Messages
  4. You will get three options: 30 days, 1 year and Forever. To permanently disable auto-deletion of messages, tap Forever.
  5. how to prevent Messages app from auto-deleting messages

And that’s pretty much it! This should permanently prevent Messages app from auto-deleting messages on your iPhone. In case you don’t know, this iOS 8 auto-delete feature affects only the following: your text / SMS messages and your photos. Audio recordings and video messages have their own separate toggle.

Of course, this quick tip is also useful if you wish to automatically delete your messages after a certain amount of time. After some time, saved messages can really clutter your Messages app which takes up quite a bit of memory. So just set the Keep Messages toggle to 30 days or 1 year.

Selecting Forever will effectively prevent Messages app from auto-deleting messages which is how it goes back in the old days. It’s just nice that Apple has given us the auto-delete feature because otherwise, users are stuck with manually deleting each thread messages if they wish to reduce the clutter.

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