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How to Customize iOS 7 Control Center on Jailbroken iPhone

One can say that the Control Center is one of the best new features of iOS 7. Why do you think the SBSettings tweak became such a hit? Apple has really a done a good job of including such a functionality in iOS 7 with the Control Center. However, its lack of customization also led to one of the biggest annoyances in iOS 7. Seriously, I could think of more than 5 toggles that could replace the Calculator or Timer shortcut. Fortunately with a jailbroken device, you can easily customize iOS 7 Control Center.

How to Customize iOS 7 Control Center on Jailbroken iPhone:

How to Customize iOS 7 Control Center on Jailbroken iPhone

  1. Again, you need to have a jailbroken device before you can proceed further. Read our iOS 7 jailbreak guide for a step-by-step guide.
  2. Once jailbroken, launch Cydia and search for the jailbreak tweak called CCToggles.
  3. CCToggles Cydia Tweak

  4. Install CCToggles and respring / reboot your device.
  5. Now configure CCToggles from Settings. There are two main options, Toggles and QuickLaunches.
    • To configure your Control Center toggles, tap Toggles. From here you can configure which toggles to use. Tap Edit and start dragging and dropping the toggles depending which ones you want to enable.
    • CCToggles Toggles Option

    • For QuickLaunches, you can add shortcuts to your most frequently used apps like Facebook or Instagram. Same with Toggles, simply drag and drop which applications you wish to enable/disable. To add your favorite third-party applications, tap Add AppLauncher at the bottom.
    • CCToggles QuickLaunces Option

    • You can secure the toggles by tapping on the Lockscreen Restriction option. This prevents outsiders from accessing your restricted apps from the lock screen.
  6. Now you can just launch your Control Center and enjoy your newly-customized toggles and quicklaunches.
  7. Customize iOS 7 Control Center on Jailbroken iPhone_2

And this is one of the many reasons why you should jailbreak your device. Hopefully, Apple will add the ability to customize iOS 7 Control Center in the future.

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