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How to Generate Secure Passwords in Safari on iOS 7 [Quick Tip]

Having one master password for all the websites that you frequent is a good way to compromise your online security. What you want is a set of passwords which are long, unique, and contains special characters. So when a certain website experiences a security breach, you will not find yourself changing passwords for all your favorite websites, especially with websites like PayPal. Today, we will share a quick iOS 7 tip that will let you generate secure passwords in Safari.

How to Generate Secure Passwords in Safari on iOS 7 

How to Generate Secure Passwords in Safari on iOS 7

The thing with secure, long passwords is that they are kind of impossible to remember. However, with the new iCloud keychain that was added back in iOS 7.0.3, you can sync passwords across your iDevices and Macs. There is also a handy feature that auto-generates unique and secure passwords. This way, you don't need to think of a password on your own each time to sign-up to a new website. Just follow the steps below:

  1. Launch Settings and go to iCloud > Keychain, then enable (green) iCloud Keychain.
  2. Enable iCloud Keychain

  3. Now launch Safari and go to any website that you wish to sign-up with.
  4. Properly setup the account and when you reach the password field, you will see the Suggest Password button just above the keyboard.
  5. iCloud Keychain Suggest Password

  6. Tap the Suggest Password button and a popup will appear with the suggested password. If you are satisfied with the suggested password, tap the Use Suggested Password and Safari will automatically push the new password all across your iCloud-enabled devices via iCloud Keychain.
  7. Safari Use Suggested Password

  8. The next time you go to that particular website, Safari will autofill the password field with the one you have generated earlier.

NOTE: Not all websites will allow Safari to autofill passwords, so this guide is not application to such sites. To override this behavior, go to Settings > Safari > Passwords and Autofill > and turn on the “Always Allow” toggle.

Safari Can't Autofill Password

Again this feature is only available if you have at least iOS 7.0.3. At the very least, you don't have to be worried with all of your accounts in case of a security breach.

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    Kasia5 years, 10 months ago

    Great info and reminders of how imotnpart it is to protect our identity and passwords. Having been a victim of id theft (though not via the internet but burglary) it is really a pain to untangle. Also, be careful about labeling files on the computer or in file cabinet where you save or store your lists of passwords or credit card numbers. Come up with a name other than passwords or vital financial records . When I was burglarized they took my paper files which had all the numbers and passwords as well as my PDA (which I had forgotten to take to work that day. It was very easy for them to find what they needed because I had labeled the files so well!Sandy Heart