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11 Tips & Tricks to Master Siri on iOS 7

Siri is touted to be the killer app when the iPhone 4S was introduced. With the introduction of iOS 7, Apple has managed to supercharge its virtual voice assistant by adding more features and making her a smarter gal. However, it's not really that clear-cut how you can utilize Siri and what are the things you can ask her to do. Here are a couple of tips and tricks so you can master Siri on iOS 7.

11 Tips & Tricks to Master Siri on iOS 7

Tips & Tricks to Master Siri on iOS 7

Change Settings Using Siri

Siri Turn Bluetooth Off

Although it is probably quicker to just launch the Control Center to manage frequently used toggles such as Airplane Mode, Bluetooth, and screen brightness, it's good to know that Siri can handle these settings now. So for disabling the Bluetooth, it's as simple as saying "Turn on Bluetooth". There are settings that Siri can't open such as "Change location services" and "Check for software update".

Use Siri to Launch Apps

Siri Launch Apps

Whether it's a native app or a downloaded one, Siri can now launch applications just by asking her. So you can say something like "Open Instagram" or "Play Candy Crush". It's worth noting that launching apps from the lockscreen will not work.

Use Siri to Search the Web

Siri Search Web

In iOS 7, Apple has chosen to replace Google with Bing for its default search engine. And with Siri in tow, you can now search the web faster than ever. Just say "search for…" to Siri and not only will she provide web links for your query but pictures and videos as well. PROTIP: You can actually tell Siri to use another search engine like Google. Simply tell her to "Search Google for …"

Answer Random Questions with Siri

Siri Q&A

You can easily entertain yourself with Siri by asking her random questions. Siri has now a Q&A feature where you can ask her questions like "How high is Mount Everest?" or "How far is the moon?".

Change Siri's Gender


Also included in our iOS 7 hidden features write-up, you can now actually change Siri's gender from the default female to male. To change this setting in iOS 7 go to Settings -> General -> Siri -> Voice Gender.

Make Siri Pronounce Names Correctly

Teach Siri Pronunciation

Siri's not exactly the best when it comes to name pronunciation, so there's a good chance that she'll mispronounce some names off your contacts list. It's a good thing that you can teach Siri on iOS 7 to pronounce names correctly now. Simply tell Siri, "That's not how you pronounce (name)," then Siri will give you three pronunciation options. Choose the correct one and she will use that pronunciation from then on.

Check What People Are Tweeting About

Siri Twitter

You can ask Siri on iOS 7 what people have been tweeting about, thanks to the system's better Twitter integration. If you want to know what's currently trending in Twitter, you can simply ask Siri "What's going on?". You can even ask her about tweets in relation to a certain hashtag.

Use Siri to Play Favorite Music or Radio Stations

Siri Play Music

To play music quickly and without having to sort through your library, simply ask Siri to "Play (artist, album or song)". If you want her to play a song from iTunes Radio, ask her to play by genre. For example, "Play Hip-hop," and she will play the appropriate station.

Read Emails

Siri Read Email

In the old version of Siri, you can only ask her if you have new emails. Now with Siri on iOS 7, you can actually have her read new messages by asking her to "Read my emails". She will only read the title and sender but not the content. If you want her to read the actual messages, instruct her to read your latest email or any specific message.

Tell Siri to Generate Passwords

Generate Password Siri

If you are having a hard time coming up with a strong, secure password, Siri on iOS 7 can be used to generate a random, hard-to-crack password via Wolfram Alpha. To generate a strong password using Siri, simply say "Wolfram password" and you will be provided with an eight-digit alphanumeric password. To add more characters, you can say "Wolfram password 14 characters."

Get on Siri's Comedic Side

Siri Funny 1

Even previous versions of Siri can whip up some pretty some pretty clever and snarky jokes, even more so in iOS 7. Asking Siri things like "Tell me something funny", "Tell me a joke", "Have you ever been in love?", "Okay, Glass" will all illicit some funny responses.

And there you go, some Siri tips and tricks that will enable you to master Siri on iOS 7. Siri on iOS 7 has plenty of new features and improvements, so it would be a shame if you will not be able to take advantage of them.

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