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Top 15 iOS 7 Hidden Features

By this time, many of you have already gotten their hands on iOS 7 and have spend a good deal of time with it. Apple certainly made a very bold move with iOS 7 and with it, brought a bevy of new features in iOS 7. Some of them are not so obvious from the get-go, some of them are buried within the Settings apps. For your convenience, we will be bringing you a list of iOS 7 hidden features that will help you get more out of your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch running Apple's latest mobile operating system.

Top 15 iOS 7 Hidden Features

Top 15 iOS 7 Hidden Features

Moved Spotlight

iOS 7 Spotlight

If you have been an avid user of the Spotlight feature back in previous iOS iterations, then you are likely disappointed when you swiped to the left of the Springboard and found nothing. Relax, the Spotlight has been moved. Simply swipe from the Home screen and you'll activate Spotlight. Remember this is different from accessing the Notification Center, which is done by swiping the edge of the top screen.

Use Camera LED Flash for Alerts

Use Camera LED Flash for Alerts

LED notifications is a thing back in the Blackberry days, and has been adopted into Android smartphones as well. With iOS 7, your iPhone can now use the camera flash to act as a visual alert which makes it harder for you to miss any notifications. To enable this hidden feature in iOS 7, simply navigate to Settings > General > Accessibility > and toggle LED Flash for Alerts to ON. Just be warned this can take its toll on your battery life and very distracting since it can be quite bright.

Make iOS 7 Texts Easier to Read

Make iOS 7 Texts Easier to Read

Feel annoyed with iOS 7's thin font which can be hard to read? It's a good thing you can bold the text in iOS 7. Just navigate to Settings > General > Accessibility > and enable Bold Text, you will then be prompted to restart your device. Upon restarting you should see the changes.

Make Safari Remember Your Passwords & Credit Cards

Make Safari Remember Your Passwords & Credit Cards

In iOS 7, you can now have Safari remember your personal information, which includes your passwords and credit cards. This way, you will never have to type them again. Very useful when you frequently buy music or apps, or do online shopping on your iPhone or iPad. To access this feature, go to Settings > Safari > Passwords & Autofill. From here, you can add or remove passwords as well as credit card details. Make sure to use a passcode, you don't want your kids (or anyone else) go on a shopping spree accidentally.

Find the Missing .com Button

Hidden .com Button iOS 7

Back in iOS 6, we got a dedicated .com button which is handy when using web browsers like Safari or Chrome. But in iOS 7, the said button is oddly missing. As it turned out the missing .com button is simply hidden in plain view. Next to the space bar in the keyboard is the period button, tap and hold the key and you should see a pop-up that lets you access domain name endings including .com, .net, .edu, .org, or .us.

View Time Stamps on Messages

iOS 7 Time Stamps

Time stamps are very helpful when you want to know the exact time you have received a text message or iMessage. And like most of these iOS 7 hidden features, the ability to view the time stamp has not been made more obvious. In order to view the time stamp, simply swipe from right to left of any conversations and you will see the exact time they came in.

Night Mode for Maps

Apple Maps App Night Mode iOS 7

When driving at nighttime, you don't want to have a bright white screen blinding you. The neat thing with iOS 7 is that the Apple Maps App automatically switches to night mode based on the time. Night mode gives you a darker interface so you do not get blinded while driving. Applicable devices will get this feature by default, so you don't have to configure any settings.

Folders Can Hold Unlimited Apps

Unlimited Apps in Folders iOS 7

Again, this is one those iOS 7 hidden features that should be more clear-cut. While this may not be a secret to those who have followed iOS 7 closely, most users are still oblivious to the fact iOS 7 folders can now hold unlimited apps. Throw in as many apps that you want in a folder and you won't hit a wall of limitation. Just swipe to the side to navigate between pages while inside a folder.

Change Siri's Gender

Change Siri's Gender

If you are somewhat sick of Siri's female voice and want to change things up a bit, you can in fact change Siri's voice without needing to change the language. Simply navigate to Settings > General > Siri > Voice Gender > and select between male or female voice. Changing Siri's voice will in no way affect its capabilities and features.

Go Back One Screen Using a Gesture

Go Back One Screen Using a Gesture iOS 7

Navigation has been made easier and more intuitive via a number of ways in iOS 7. A good example would be the way to go back to the previous screen without having to tap the back button. Simply swipe from the left edge of the screen to the right and you will be taken to the previous screen. This trick pretty much work throughout iOS 7 especially with native apps like Settings, Mail, Messages and more.

Auto App Updates

Auto App Updates

Ever get tired of seeing 43 notification for app updates in your App Store icon? You will be glad to know iOS 7 allows automatic downloads of app updates. Very useful when you are not so keen in manually updating each of your apps. However, know that there are app updates might break certain features or bring changes you might not like. So it's always recommended you do your due diligence before downloading an app update.

Limit Ad Tracking

Limit Ad Tracking iOS 7

Many folks are quite uneasy when it comes to their privacy, and the last thing they would want is to have their iPhone or iPad be tracked for specific ads. If you are one of those privacy-concerned folks, you would want to enable Limit Ad Tracking. Navigate your iDevice to Settings > Privacy > Advertising to enable or disable Limit Ad Tracking. Word on the street is that enabling this feature can also conserve battery life in iOS 7 to a lesser extent.

Kill Multiple Apps at Once

Kill Multiple Apps at Once iOS 7

We have already covered how to terminate apps in iOS 7 but did you know that you can also kill multiple apps in one go while in multitasking view? Instead of only using a finger to swipe app screenshots upward, you may use three fingers to dismiss three apps at once. This will of course come in handy if you want to close a lot of apps that are running in the background.

Audio-Only Calls in FaceTime

Audio Only FaceTime Call iOS 7
iOS 7 FaceTime

In iOS 7, FaceTime finally get its own app but that's not even the best part. iOS 7 FaceTime offers the ability to not just place video calls but also audio-only calls via WiFi and LTE. This is quite a biggie. There are times that you simply want to call someone without using a video since the voice quality is better or you look like crap. This is also good if you don't want to burn through your cellular minutes. To initiate the audio-only FaceTime call, initiate the call in the same way you would with a video call but tap the phone icon instead.

Block Text Messages & Calls in iOS 7

Block Text Messages & Calls in iOS 7

Tired of being pestered by telemarketers or someone you find to be annoying? Well, iOS 7 has given us the ability to block text messages and calls in iOS 7. To block someone from calling or sending you a text message, you can go to Settings > Phone and/or Settings > Messages and find the blocked section where you can start adding entries from your contact list. Alternatively, you can launch the Phone app, find the contact/number that has been bothering you, tap the "i" next to their name, scroll down and find the Block this Caller option.

Other Hidden Features in iOS 7 We've Missed?

We're sure that there are many hidden iOS 7 features we've missed to include in this list. So feel free to comment them below to help out other readers.

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