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How to Make The iPad Kid-Friendly

Apple's revolutionary tablet, the iPad is a fantastic gadget to entertain and educate children of all ages. With its smooth and intuitive touch interface and large screen, it's easy to see why it has become very popular with kids. But of course, there are features and content that are not meant to be accessed by kids. Sure enough, you don't really want your little one to poke around the internet or your email account, do you? So how does one make the iPad kid-friendly? Here are the ways on how to childproof your iPad and make it safe for kids.

How to Make The iPad Kid-Friendly

How to Make The iPad Kid-Friendly

Set a Passcode

iPad Passcode Make The iPad Kid-Friendly

One of the most basic security features in iOS is also the first step to make the iPad kid-friendly. By enabling the passcode, you will be locking down the iPad and it will require a standard four-digit PIN. But don't ever underestimate children, as they can be quite cunning and guess your password in no time. So don't set a password that's along the lines of '1234' kind of deal. You should be wary that with enough failed attempts to guess the password, the iPad will be locked down. In case that happens, turn to this guide for solutions.

Set Restrictions

Enable Restrictions Make The iPad Kid-Friendly

After creating the PIN code, it is now time to proceed to Restrictions - the most useful feature to childproof your iPad. Restrictions is split into a several sections: apps, content, changes, and Game Center. Once you have disabled features, they will be temporarily removed from the iPad homescreen. To return the iPad to its normal state, access the settings again and tap Disable Restrictions. Some of the options we recommend that you restrict are:

  • Safari. This is the default web browser that comes with iOS, so you can't delete it. You will want to disable this app if you don't want your kid to be wandering around the dark corners of the web.
  • Camera. This should come down to your personal choice. Kids love using the iPad camera but if you are going to enable the feature, you should disable geotagging so locations are not disclosed when you want to upload photos or videos.
  • FaceTime. This is a great app when having a video conference with the child's grandparents, cousins, uncles, and aunts. But if you are not comfortable with having a video conference app on the iPad, you can disable this one as well.
  • iTunes Store. iTunes will require a password for every app / content you purchase, so for an extra layer of protection, you can disable iTunes altogether.
  • Installing / Deleting Apps. At this point, installing apps should be fairly tough for your kid but they can easily delete an app whenever they get bored or frustrated with it. So disable this one if you don't want to be surprised with a few new / missing apps.
  • In-App Purchases. While some applications are free, they can have in-app purchases. A good example of this is Candy Crush. It's free but if you want to gain extra moves or you want to unlock a booster, you need to buy in-app purchases. Disable this if you don't want to be shocked once your credit card bill arrives.

Age Appropriate Content

If you are fine with the idea of your child downloading content from iTunes, you can set age appropriate restrictions for books, films and music, podcasts, apps and TV downloads. For movies and apps, there are film and app ratings. Music, Podcasts and Books, you are given the option to filter explicit content.

Get Kid-Friendly Apps

Best Kid Friendly iPad Games

What you want here is to have a good library of apps that can stimulate education, creativity as well as entertainment. Of course, violent games are out of the question, as well as overly tough puzzle games. To get you started, here are some top-rated apps we recommend:

Really, I could go on forever. The App Store is filled with great apps to educate and entertain kids. You can start with what your kid typically likes, and what is appropriate for his or her age, and then work your way up. Along with the launch of iOS 7, the App Store has now a special category for kids. Gather all these apps and place it into a "Kid Zone" folder for fast and easy access.

Safer Browsing & Video Streaming

Safer Browsing for Kids

It would really be a shame to cut access to the internet from young, inquisitive minds. But at this point, full access to the web can only do more harm than good. So what can you do to allow safer web access? It's a good thing that there is no shortage of web browsers that can make the iPad kid-friendly. At the top of our recommendations are MetaCert Safe Browser and Mobicip Safe Browser.

For safer video streaming, you can use an app like SmartTube which enables you to create media library and playlists for each member of the family. It's a perfect solution for safer video streaming since the interface is kid-friendly as well.

Are These Enough To Childproof Your iPad?

Kid With iPad

Keep in mind that these are simply alternative measures to make the iPad kid-friendly. These are all not 100% foolproof. At the end of the day, constant adult supervision is still the best solution to make the iPad safe for kids. Also remember that kids can easily get bored, so keep on downloading fresh content in order to keep them entertained.

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