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Top 5 Best Cloud Storage Apps for iPhone and iPad

Whether you like it or not, we are pretty much living life in the clouds. With cloud storage services, accessing files from across multiple devices becomes a breeze. Fortunately, there is no shortage of services that offer free cloud storage these days. However, the very best cloud storage app isn't all about the storage as there are other features to consider as well. Multi-platform support, availability and security are some of the features that must be taken into as well. Here are the Top 5 Best Cloud Storage Apps for iPhone and iPad.

Top 5 Best Cloud Storage Apps for iPhone and iPad

Top 5 Best Cloud Storage Apps for iPhone and iPad

Google Drive

Google Drive Logo

Drive has only been introduced for about a year but it sure proved to a popular choice among users. Upon signing up, Drive gives you 15GB of free storage, which is huge compared to other options. However, the main selling point of Drive is its tight integration with other Google services. If you are already extensively using Google Docs in your daily work, then using Drive becomes a no-brainer. Check out Google Drive's plans here.

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Download Google Drive from App Store


MS Skydrive Logo

Microsoft's cloud storage service used to be quite clunky and hard to use, but now Skydrive has become a fairly solid cloud storage option. Skydrive is tightly integrated with Windows 8 for desktops and tablets as well as Office 2013. And of course, there is also a mobile app for iOS. If you sign up for an account now, you'll get 7GB of storage and 10GB if you are a student. Skydrive is great for its integration with other Microsoft products and has a decent third party app support.

Skydrive for iPhone Screenshots

Download SkyDrive from App Store


Box Cloud Storage Logo

Formerly called, Box has been seeing a plenty of usage within the business sector. As the developers claim, about 120,000 companies has been relying on Box to access, view, edit, share and manage files on their iPhone and iPad. This cloud storage service is known for giving out a great deal of storage space to users who. You can easily find apps and services that will give you tons of free space just for signing up and installing the client. If you are looking for a good enterprise-level cloud storage solution, Box is certainly a good option.

Box for iPhone and iPad Screenshots

Download Box for iPhone and iPad from App Store


Sugarsync Logo

SugarSync has been around for quite some time but it still lags behind other big cloud storage services in terms of popularity. But, it shouldn't be that way. Sugarsync is known for have tons of features, detailed syncing features and its ability to back up or sync any files or folders, along with its contents. In that essence, SugarSync can work like a backup client. Sugarsync also keeps revision histories of your files and gives the feature to lock down or password protect your file. If you sign up, you'll get 5GB free storage and they also have very attractive pricing plans.

Sugarsync for iPhone Screenshots

Download SugarSync from App Store


Dropbox Logo

Well, you know this "little-known" cloud storage solution will make to this list. After all, Dropbox is the one responsible for popularizing cloud storage. However, it offers more than just being a popular choice. Dropbox supports every operating system for both desktop and mobile, tons of useful features (especially with beta builds) and a massive third-party developer support. Dropbox is a great introduction into the world of cloud storage. It offers a seemingly small 2GB storage for starters but you can get more via referrals, photo and video uploads, using mobile apps, and more. You can check Dropxbox plans from here.

Dropbox for iPhone Screenshots

Download Dropbox from App Store

So do you have anything to say about one of these best cloud storage apps for iPhone? Do you have any other cloud storage service didn't make the list? Let us know in the comments section.

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