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Here’s a Mind-Blowing Video of How iOS 7 Icons Are Recreated in MS Word

With the release of iOS 7, Apple has embraced an all-new design language, and it will likely stay that way for good. While there is a good deal of folks who like the new design, there are also many that aren't so thrilled with the new design, especially the Springboard icons. So in light with the iOS 7's simple and flat design, is it possible that it has been created via Microsoft Word? Well, Vaclav Krejci has every legitimate reason to ask this question as he was able to recreate the iOS 7 icons using Microsoft Word.. seriously.

iOS 7 Icons in MS Word

That's right, Krejci was able to recreate all iOS 7 icons, not in Photoshop or Illustrator, but in the world's most popular word processor, Microsoft Word. He mainly used Word's vector tools. But I know you're not here to read about his creation so go ahead and take a gander at Krejci's impressive skills:

So does this mean that iOS 7 icons are so simplistic and flat that it can be created using Microsoft Word? Well, it would be strange if someone comes to such conclusion especially after seeing the video. As you can see from the video, all the procedures are sped up and he still ended up with a 10 min video. While he does explain what he's doing, I can hardly follow it. He also recreated the iPhone 5 graphics in the same manner. It's just mindblowing altogether, especially on how he approaches the details. Imagining the voice over as Arnold Schwarzenegger also compounded my enjoyment of the video.

It's just incredible that Word actually has the right tools to create these icons and graphics. It shows that in the hands of truly skilled individual, anything is possible.

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