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How to Fix iMessage Not Working Bug in iOS 7 [Quick Tip]

Have you been experiencing issues with iMessage ever since you updated your iPhone to iOS 7? Well, you are not alone. We have been getting some complaints from readers who are having troubles sending iMessage texts. Apple has admitted there is an iMessage bug in its newest operating system, so it will likely be fixed with the next firmware update. For the meantime, you can try these solutions to fix iMessage not working bug in iOS 7.

How to Fix iMessage Not Working Bug in iOS 7

First, Check If Your Messages are Delivered

In iOS 7, Apple is marking some of your iMessages with a label “Delivered” right below the message. Certain messages are even time-stamped. However, for some odd reason, it doesn't label all of them. If you don't see “Delivered” right under your message, tap and hold the message in question. If you see there is an option that says “Send as Text Message”, then your iMessage hasn't been sent.

How to Fix iMessage Not Working Bug in iOS 7:

Method 1: Reset Network Settings

    1. Launch Settings and tap on Messages.

Settings Messages

    1. Disable iMessage

Disable iMessage

    1. Navigate back into the main settings menu then tap General > Reset > Reset Network Settings. Tap Reset Network Settings.

Reset Network Settings iOS 7

  1. You will be required to reboot your iPhone and re-enter your WiFi passwords.
  2. Now launch Settings again, go to Messages and toggle iMessage back on.

Method 2: Send iMessage as Text

Remember the tip above on how to check if your messages are delivered? As stated, you will be given the option to “Send as Text Message”. Just tap this option and your message will be sent as a regular text message via mobile carrier. Know this will count against your carrier's texting plan. Alternatively, you can disable iMessage altogether so all of your messages will be sent as regular texts.

These should be enough to fix iMessage not working bug in iOS 7. In case these fixes doesn't apply to you, your best bet is to wait for Apple's next firmware update.

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