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Top 10 Reasons Why We Need The iOS 7 Jailbreak

In the earliest days of iOS, basic functions such as multitasking, copy/paste, video recording and many others are only available to a jailbroken device. With each new iteration, Apple has been known to integrate these basic features to iOS. And this is no different with iOS 7. For instance, popular jailbreak tweaks such as Auxo and SBSettings have been replaced with the new multitasking view and Control Center respectively. So this begs the question: is there even a reason to jailbreak anymore? Well, we do believe that there are ten compelling reasons why we need an iOS 7 jailbreak.

iOS 7 Jailbreak


Winterboard for iOS 7

iOS theming platforms such as Winterboard and Dreamboard are more than enough to satisfy most theming needs. While iOS 7 has introduced a fresh new look, there are those that simply don't like or will eventually get tired of it. Yes, for some folks making it NOT look like iOS 7 is reason enough to jailbreak. Although it could be quite tricky this time since Saurik has specifically stated that Winterboard might not be updated for iOS 7.

Better Lock Screen

IntelliscreenX Screenshots 2

iOS 7 introduced a new and improved lockscreen that lets you access both the Notification Center and Control Center. While this is a step into the right direction, it still pales in comparison to the features offered by lock screen tweaks such as LockInfo and IntelliscreenX. For instance, IntelliscreenX offers a quick way to browse your social media updates from the lock screen.


iFile Screenshot 2

For more advanced users, being able to access the iOS file system is a must. And there is no better file browser and manager than iFile. With iFile, you can create, delete, copy, cut, paste or zip multiple directories all at once. It also enables you to rename files or directories as well. iFile is one those jailbreak tweaks I install after a firmware restore.

Activator Gestures

Activator Top 10 Best Cydia Apps of 2012

I've always loved Activator, the premier iOS shortcut application for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. With centralized gestures, buttons and shortcut management, it takes convenience to a whole new level. The number of options that are available to you is simply staggering and the possibilities are endless. Another must-have for any power user and another reason why we need the iOS 7 jailbreak.

Better Control Center

iOS 7 Control Center_0

Apple did a good thing by adding the Control Center which is easily one of the best features of iOS 7. It "almost" made SBSettings irrelevant. I said almost because it is not quite there yet. Listed in the top annoyances of iOS 7, the Control Center simply lacks customization. I would have loved to ability to set which toggles to use. I trust the jailbreak community can definitely supercharge the Control Center.

Protect Folders and Apps

LockDown Pro - Folder Lock

Improved security is yet another reason why need an iOS 7 jailbreak. With jailbreak tweaks such as Lockdown Pro, you can password protect your apps and folders from being opened by just about anyone. A feature that is still a baffling omission in iOS 7.

Ability to Set Default Apps

Browser Chooser Tweak

Many of you don't really want to use the Camera app to take photos or Safari for web browsing. Which is why not being able to set default apps is still one of the most glaring drawbacks of iOS 7. Fortunately, there are jailbreak tweaks like BrowserChooser that lets you change default apps.

Better Notification Center

Top NC Widgets

The jailbreak community were able to dish out countless widgets for the iOS Notification Center. With the coming of the iOS 7 jailbreak, we do hope that this wealth of widgets (at least the very good ones) will be ported to iOS 7. In addition, jailbreak developers will surely find ways to enhance notifications such as adding buttons or gestures to dismiss them all at once. As it is, I just don't find the current Notification Center to be that useful.

Install Free / Unauthorized Apps

AppCake Best Installous Alternatives

Whether you like it or not, one of the most popular reasons why people jailbreak their iPhone, iPad and iPod touch is so that they can install free / unauthorized apps. Unfortunately, this easily lends itself to app piracy. But still, we can't deny that people still do it and will do so once the iOS 7 jailbreak is released. Even when the infamous Installous is gone, there are still viable alternatives available. Plus with jailbreaking, you can install apps that didn't make it to the App Store due to Apple's stringent review rules.

Better Text Messaging

BiteSMS for iOS 5 Screenshot

I really miss BiteSMS ever since I've upgraded to iOS 7. While the native Messages app gets the job done, it just doesn't compare with what BiteSMS has to offer. Now that I don't have the Quick Reply and Quick Compose, text messaging on my iPhone has become less intuitive. Considering that about 80 % of what I do in my phone is texting, this is sort of a big deal. Hopefully, a new and improved BiteSMS becomes available once the iOS 7 jailbreak is released.

So what about you? Are you still looking forward to the release of the iOS 7 jailbreak? What are your reasons for jailbreaking iOS 7?

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