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SNES Emulator Sneaks Into App Store, Grab It Now Before It’s Gone

In the history of the App Store, there have been a few iOS apps that sneaked past Apple's App Store review team by disguising as innocent looking apps but underneath, have secret functions. Most of these sneaky apps are mostly emulators for retro gaming systems. With that said, another emulator has made its way into the App Store and this time, it's for Nintendo’s old-school SNES console.

Remote File Manager SNES Emulator

The SNES emulator in question is available through an app called Remote File Manager (iTunes link provided below this post). On the surface, it looks like a fairly basic remote file viewer that supports remote file shares like Dropbox and FTP. However, what the iTunes does not tell you is that among those supported files mentioned, *.smc files are among them. For the uninitiated, *.smc files are ROM files for the Super Nintendo.

SNES Emulator on iPhone

This is actually a pretty decent SNES emulator and according to TouchArcade, its forum members are having great success with the app. To use the SNES emulator, you simply need to sign up for a free Dropbox account (in case you don't have one yet). Then drop a couple of *.smc ROM files in your Dropbox folder, connect to it using Remote File Manager, and then tap those ROM files to start playing.

SNES Emulator on iPhone_2

As of this writing, the Remote File Manager is still up for grabs in the App Store for a decent price of $0.99. However, you might want to be quick about it because emulators typically don't last that long in the App Store. If you are an SNES fan and want to play classic games like Zelda: A Link to the Past and Chrono Trigger on your iPhone or iPad without jailbreaking, then grab Remote File Manager now before it vanishes.

Buy Remote File Manager from iTunes App Store for $0.99

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    Apps is not currently available in US store as stated in iTunes?? why?