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Pod2g is Becoming ‘More & More Confident’ About iOS 7 Jailbreak

If you have been keeping an eye on the jailbreak scene as of late, you should know that there have been some positive developments. As soon as Apple released iOS 7 Golden Master, the Evad3rs dev team went to announce they have started on cracking the code for the highly sought iOS 7 jailbreak. A couple of days ago, Planetbeing tweeted that the group has achieved unsigned userland code execution. In yet another iOS 7 jailbreak update, Pod2g apparently feels good about the task at hand.

Evad3rs Banner iOS 6 untethered jailbreak

Prominent security researcher and Evad3rs dev team member Pod2g tweeted yesterday that he's become "more and more confident" about the iOS 7 public jailbreak. This tweet came after another Evad3rs member Pimskeks' tweet, which states that he has been working on "funny things" with Pod2g.

To manage everyone's expectations, Pod2g placed some sort of disclaimer after his tweet. Yup, the jailbreak is not coming anytime soon. It's safe to say that there are still plenty of hurdles to overcome. This is especially true when Apple is working hard as well to make sure that jailbreaking won't be a walk in the park anymore. No ETA for the iOS 7 jailbreak yet, but it should take at least four to six months.

But still, these sort of news are indeed comforting, knowing that the progress of the jailbreak is on the right hands.

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