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Check Out This Handy iOS 7 Features Compatibility Chart

At this point, most of you are already enjoying Apple's latest iteration of its mobile operating system. For some reason that you haven't updated yet, you can now download iOS 7 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Anyway, iOS 7 comes with 200 new features and improvements. However, Apple traditionally doesn't bring all those new features to older devices due to hardware limitations. So just which features will make it into iPhone or iPad? We have a handy iOS 7 features compatibility chart for you.

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TheAppleLounge took the liberty to create a cool compatibility chart, which shows which iOS 7 features are available for all supported devices. As stated, if you have an older device, then the more likely that you'll get the shorter end of the stick when it comes to new features. On the other hand, owners of an iPhone 5 or iPod touch 5g will be able to enjoy most, if not all of the new iOS 7 features. Check out the chart below (click the image for a larger view):

iOS 7 Features Compatibility Chart+1

The chart does not actually include the iOS 7 exclusive feature Dynamic Wallpaper which is available for all compatible devices except the iPhone 4. Another correction cited at the chart is that the real time filters for iPhone 4S's Camera app is not supported ,which is not the case.

So have you installed iOS 7 yet? What do you think of the new features? [via iPhoneHacks]

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