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How to Access iTunes Radio Outside The US?

With iOS 7, Apple has launched their own free music streaming service iTunes Radio. However, it is unfortunate that the service is only available to U.S. users. However, there is a simple workaround that lets you access iTunes Radio even when you're outside the U.S. This trick worked in iOS 7 beta, and we're happy to tell that it works in the public version as well.

How to Access iTunes Radio Outside of the US

How to Access iTunes Radio Outside of the US:

  1. Create an iTunes account based on the U.S. You can do this on your computer or iDevice and you won't be needing a credit card as well.
  2. Now you'll need to sign out from your current iTunes account and sign in into your new U.S. iTunes account. To do this, navigate to Settings > iTunes & App Store, tap the Apple ID field and tap Sign Out.
  3. iTunes App Store Apple ID

  4. After signing out, input your new Apple ID and password for the new U.S. iTunes account. Upon successful sign in, you should see a popup saying that your account is only for the U.S. Store, tap Ok and you'll be redirected to the U.S. App Store.
  5. Apple ID Sign In

  6. Double click the Home button and in the multitasking view, swipe up the Music app screenshot to close it. This is an IMPORTANT step so be sure not to skip this.
  7. Now launch the Music app again. You will presented with the iTunes Radio launch screen. Tap Start Listening to create your own station or listen to the featured ones available. You can access the service anytime using the Radio tab at the bottom.
  8. iTunes Radio Welcome Screen

TIP: Alternatively, you can go to your non-US iTunes account and change the Region to United States. Accept the terms and conditions, reboot your device and you should now have iTunes Radio. The only problem with this trick is that it doesn't work if you have iTunes Match since it will ask you cancel your subscription before changing stores.

So there you have it! Of course, you will need to sign in to your non-US iTunes account if you are going to buy apps and music. Let us know if you were able to access iTunes Radio outside of the US using this trick. [via iPhoneHacks]

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    Burns4 years, 9 months ago

    Success! I connected to Itunes Radio in Austria just by changing the location to USA and accepting terms and condition. No iTunes Match activated.