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Apple Might Already Be Actively Testing iOS 7.0.1, iOS 7.0.2 and iOS 7.1

The much anticipated public release of iOS 7 is only two days away. In just two days, owners of supported iDevice users will be able to experience the totally revamped mobile operating system from Apple. And while we wait, a new report comes up stating that Apple is already testing iOS 7.0.1, iOS 7.0.2 and iOS 7.1.

iOS 7

Web analytics from 9To5Mac indicate that Apple employees are already actively testing new versions of iOS 7 namely iOS 7.0.1, iOS 7.0.2 and iOS 7.1. However, know that web analytics picked up by new operating systems are easy to falsify, especially when it's not that hard to fake a user agent. What makes these analytics legitimate is the fact that they are based on Apple's Cupertino headquarters in California and all the surrounding areas.

Apple Testing iOS 7.0.1

According to web analytics for 9to5Mac, Apple employees seem to already be testing iOS 7.0.1, iOS 7.0.2, and iOS 7.1. While we cannot absolutely confirm that these tests are occurring inside Apple, it seems likely based on the cities in which these operating systems are being tested. Appleā€™s headquarters is in Cupertino, California, and we are seeing these views from these unreleased operating systems from both Cupertino and surrounding areas.

Apple testing upcoming versions of their new firmware isn't exactly that farfetched. When iOS 7 releases to the general public, don't expect that it will be free from any sort of issues. In order to fix the bugs or roll out new features in a timely manner, Apple is already conducting the testing for future updates in advanced.

Apple is expected to release iOS 7.1 along with the new iPad which is likely to be unveiled around October to November. [via 9to5Mac]

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