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Following iOS 7.0.2 Update, Another iOS 7 Lockscreen Bug Found [VIDEO]

Yesterday, Apple rolled out what seemed to be an emergency update in the form of iOS 7.0.2. The meat of this minimal update is to fix the lockscreen bug that allows one to completely bypass the lockscreen and access sensitive information within the device. As it turned out, it seems that was just one of the many lockscreen vulnerabilities as another iOS 7 lockscreen bug has been discovered by a YouTube user.

iOS 7 Lockscreen Bug

YouTube user Dany Lisiansky has found another lockscreen vulnerability that bypasses the lockscreen to get into the Phone app via FaceTime. He actually provided instructions on how to reproduce the bug.

  1. Make a phone call (with Siri / Voice Control).
  2. Click the FaceTime button.
  3. When the FaceTime App appears, click the Sleep button.
  4. Unlock the iPhone.
  5. Answer and End the FaceTime call at the other end.
  6. Wait a few seconds.
  7. Done. You are now in the phone app.

Here's the lockscreen bug in action.

Obviously, this bug isn't really as serious as the last one as this exploit can only get you into the Phone app. If you have Siri disabled on the lockscreen, then you won't be affected by this bug.

While this iOS 7 lockscreen bug isn't that threatening, it is still considered a loophole in security in an otherwise, supposedly secured device. Apple needs to step up their game and eventually squash these bugs. Do you think iOS 7.0.3 is coming soon?

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