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VideoPane: Watch Video While Multitasking on Your iPhone & iPad [Cydia Tweak]

When it comes to jailbreak tweaks, one of household names is definitely Ryan Petrich. He's of course the brilliant mind that made high quality Cydia tweaks like Activator, Overboard, FullForce, Grabby and many others. Now, we are about to feature another tweak made by Petrich. This time, it's a tweak that could significantly expand the multitasking capabilities of your iOS device.

VideoPane Cydia Tweak

Introducing VideoPane, a really cool tweak that will allow you to detach any video from most media players and bring it to your springboard. While you are watching videos from applications such as iTunes, YouTube or Netflix, you will receive a popup that will notify you if you would like to detach the video. Tapping yes will consequently turn the video into a tiny video player widget and you will return to the springboard. This essentially gives you a way to work with your iDevice while never missing any part of the video.

VideoPane Cydia Tweak 1

The video widget can be dragged around so you can reposition it whenever you want on the screen. You can double tap on the screen to make it transparent which is great if you want to focus more on the task at hand. The VideoPane Cydia tweak does not come with en extensive list of options but that is only because it doesn't really need it. You can only configure the Activator gesture which would activate actions like Destroy/Resurrect video, or Toggle Transparency.

VideoPane is yet another excellent jailbreak tweak from Ryan Petrich. Sure it is still rough around the edges but any annoyances should be ironed out in future updates. VideoPane is available in Cydia via BigBoss repo and will set you a $1.99. It surely is an interesting Cydia tweak that can add a new multitasking element to your iPhone, and especially on the iPad with its larger screen. [via iPhoneHacks]

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