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See This Gorgeous iPhone 6 Concept With Edge-to-Edge Screen, Retina 2 Display & More

As we all know, Apple is set to release to release the next-generation iPhone, the iPhone 5S in fall. Having the "S" designation, it is widely expected that the iPhone 5S will look very similar to the iPhone 5 but with under-the-hood improvements and potential new features like fingerprint scanning. The lack of new design for the iPhone 5S will likely disappoint many people. Will Apple release a radically redesigned iPhone for next year? That remains to be seen. Just to tide you over, we present you this gorgeous iPhone 6 concept.

iPhone 6 concept 0

Graphic designer and artist Johnny Plaid has created an iPhone 6 concept that features edge-to-edge display, a multi-touch sensor that replaces the Home button, and a brand new charger that integrates MagSafe technology.

iPhone 6 Concept Johnny Plaid

    • Here's the white version of this iPhone 6 concept, which looks quite thin.

iPhone 6 Concept Johnny Plaid_1

    • What made this iPhone concept different is that Plaid also re-imagined a new Retina screen.

iPhone 6 Concept Johnny Plaid Retina

    • Here's Plaid's REALD layered display concept.

iPhone 6 concept RealD

    • A smaller iPhone variety? It seems he got it covered as well.

iPhone 6 concept iPhone mini

    • Here's the iPhone 5 compared with the iPhone 6.

iPhone 6 concept VS iPhone 5

    • And now the MagSafe charger. Not sure if people would appreciate having to deal with yet another new proprietary charger.

iPhone 6 concept MagSafe Charger

    • Here's the multi-touch sensor which replaces the Home button. It supports multi-touch gestures.

iPhone 6 concept Multi-touch
iPhone 6 concept Multi-touch_2

    • This is how this iPhone 6 concept will look like while playing videos and surfing websites.

iPhone 6 concept Video
iPhone 6 concept Websites

As far as iPhone concepts go, this is definitely one of the best ones that we've covered so far. It's well done and the design is not too far-fetched. Perhaps, we'll see something like this in Apple's lineup in the future. So what do you think of this iPhone 6 concept?  [via BusinessInsider]

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