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Apple to Release Gold iPhone 5S, AllThingsD Confirms

There have been numerous component leaks and speculations that Apple will release a new color option for the next iPhone. In addition to offering the iPhone 5S in classic black and white, the Cupertino outfit is said to have plans to release a gold-toned iPhone. While it's all rumors in the past, we have been getting confirmation from all sorts of reliable sources that a gold iPhone 5S is indeed coming.

Gold iPhone 5S

AllThingsD reports that Apple is indeed adding a new gold iPhone color palette into the mix. The new color option is said to have an "elegant" gold tone as opposed to having a vulgar, yellow gold finish.

Sources in a position to know tell AllThingsD that Apple, after years of offering the iPhone in either black and white, will soon offer it in a gold tone, as well.

The new color option was described to AllThingsD as an “elegant” gold tone. “Think champagne, not ingot,” a source said, confirming what not seems to be some spot-on speculation from iMore last week. Sources say that the gold iPhone will feature a white face, with a gold-tone back plate and chamfered edging.

So why Apple is entertaining the idea of a new color option now? Gold is one of the easiest tones to anodize, so at a technological standpoint, it's an even easier option to offer. This will effective add a little bit of flash to the iPhone's color lineup which remained the same throughout the device's existence. The new gold tone will serve as the differentiator from the current iPhone 5 and the next-gen ones.

Gold iPhone 5S iMore

Another reason for this is that gold has grown to be a very popular color option within China's higher-end markets. However, that's not saying that the gold iPhone 5S will be offered to Asian markets only. Even in the west, gold is a fairly popular aftermarket option considering the number of gold cases that are sold in the market.

So what do you think of the gold iPhone 5S? Will you line up for one?

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